My brain is being controlled by a devise that was put in my mind by a doctor. How do I find someone to believe me and remove it?

Nick 02/10/2018. 21 answers
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I am being controlled by this devise that an agent of the government put when I was at Dr. Adams.

21 Answers

Jim2 02/13/2018.

First of all, ask yourself why you believe this device was implanted. What evidence do you have that it is there? How does it work? What thoughts is it giving you? How would you know those thoughts are put in your mind by the device? Wouldn't it have to be battery operated? If so, it will run out of power anyway. You say the device was put in your 'mind'. Does that mean it is inside your brain? The 'mind' is not a physical part of your body. The brain is. How would the doctor find room in your skull? Is there an incision or scar somewhere on your head? If not, how would they implant it? And if it were somewhere else in your body, how could it even work? It would have to be in direct contact with your brain. Again, look for a scar on your head.

Anonymous 02/12/2018.

Obviously you are high af

Alfred 02/12/2018.

well, it sounds to me additional questions are to be asked in real life....

and that you might definitely need the professional help of a psychiatrist , in real life, in your area.

Lorelai 02/12/2018.

You have paranoid schizophrenia, honey. Talk to a therapist.

fck 02/11/2018.

Personally, I don’t think you is a troll. The government do try and kill us in every way possible, the people that are “awake” will understand. Go The ER homie. Damn

ZETA III 02/11/2018.

it may not have been an agent although they look like agents.

the technology you are speaking of is not from this period. therefore no one here will believe you.

if you want you can email me the specifics of the story.

Anonymous 02/11/2018.

Tell the Doctor you want it removed. I hear the Cleveland Clinic does some wonderful work removing mind implants.

joedlh 02/11/2018.

And the agent of the government did this for what reason? By the way, it's impossible to put a device in your mind. The mind is not a physical organ. Did you mean brain? Do you have surgical scars? My recommendation is that you visit the nearest psychiatric hospital. There are doctors there who have experience in dealing with scenarios like this.

Craig 02/11/2018.

Stand under an extremely powerful magnet, holding a sign that says "I told you so," and wait.

kelvin 02/11/2018.

you talk too a therapist

Anonymous 02/13/2018.

Wear a metal hat to prevent it from being able to send or receive signals.

Anonymous 02/13/2018.

I believe you. Haven't you ever seen the X-Files?

Louise 02/12/2018.

Ask to have head X ray to see if there really is a device in there.

Judy & Charlie 02/12/2018.

Dear Nick,

First of all. I believe you.

I fully believe that you are convinced that someone put a device into your mind.

You want to be believed and I believe you.

However, I also believe that you have a chronic mental illness and that you are currently delusional regarding a device in your head. And so I urge you to see your own medical doctor about this. The doctor will prescribe medications that will treat your psychosis and your idea of the device being in your head will fade away once the medication starts to build up in your system.

Do yourself a favor and NEVER go off the medication or skip any doses.....perhaps you will find that the medication will eradicate the device. And if it does, your problem is solved.

cybermystpage 02/12/2018.

I am not a doctor. I put that devise in your brain in order to make you my slave. How did you find out?

Anonymous 02/12/2018.

If that has metal in it. Would a MRI be potentially fatal for you? Granted that methinks metal products will have very negative reactions to your body fighting against such a foreign item.

Anonymous 02/11/2018.

See a therapist or a neurosurgeon.

Alexis 02/11/2018.

you must be 12 , Can't even spell device .. goodbye troll???

julia 02/11/2018.

1. If you’re a troll ignore the rest of this comment, which is a serious answer

2. If you truly believe that you are being controlled, you may have paranoia or schizophrenia. Speak to someone you trust or a therapist. They are not against you. I know someone with paranoia. It isn’t the typical looking over your shoulder. You may think that there are cameras everywhere, that your phone is tapped, or that you’re being controlled. This is not healthy thinking. It is the sign of mental illness. Please see someone.

3. Btw, if you think I’m a government spy or agent, I’m not. I’m a concerned person trying to help you. Nothing I am saying would put you even near one of the government agents you are afraid of.

Davis 02/11/2018.

because the movies always lead to awesome adventures to people who believe "the crazy," go to any doctor and tell them your having migraines, they should probably do a full body scan(including the head) and they will see it and tell you it needs to be removed, therefore removing the device.

lovetolovetolove 02/11/2018.

Hope you are not playing a game.