Coat hanger is to mousetrap, as welder's helmet is to.....?

Carol 02/10/2018. 12 answers
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12 Answers

L.N. 02/10/2018.

Salad fork.

RR 02/11/2018.

Industrial grade belt sander.

Cheerfull Cynic 02/11/2018.

Parol is an crick

Weasel McWeasel 02/11/2018.

Trump's Helmet Head hair.

Jess C 02/11/2018.


Big Kahuna 02/10/2018.

Purple Crud.

Lynx 02/10/2018.

Nash-Kelvinator 1939 refrigerated bed-in-a-car coupe.

Anonymous 02/10/2018.

cat whisker

Brian. 02/10/2018.

A secret message on the middle grooves of "Let it bleed" vinyl album.

glcang 02/10/2018.

Portable belly button lint collector

Holo Holo 02/12/2018.


Myles 02/10/2018.

Paper weight