Is it legal to use cocaine at work if you are part of a union?

lib 02/10/2018. 17 answers
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Anonymous 02/11/2018.

you, are about the dumbest imbecile on the planet. Go back to your mommy's basement.

saucy minx 02/11/2018.

try using common sense for once in your worthless existence

Foofa 02/11/2018.

Depends on the union in question. As a member of the Writers Guild of America I can tell you I've seen my fellow union members do even worse than that at work.

STEVEN F 02/11/2018.

In the US, it isn't legal to use cocaine under ANY circumstances. Being in a union doesn't make ANYTHING either legal or illegal.

Murzy 02/11/2018.

it's illegal

Anonymous 02/11/2018.


I've seen quite a few Union workers who were on cocaine, crank, crack, etc. What happens is if their foreman/supervisor figures out the worker is high then they will have them take a drug test. Once they fail the drug test they are put on to a treatment plan. Usually the treatment plan doesn't work and the worker ends up being terminated. Also, the treatment is quite expensive for both the employee and the employer.

Some Unions and employers have different rules than others but this is the generalized outcome. If it's a non-Union shop then they either put up with the problem or they terminate the employee on the spot. Most of the recreational drug users I know tend to avoid Union shops because of the drug tests.

Leo 02/11/2018.

Only on your lunch hour.

Donnie Porko 02/11/2018.

A union doesn’t protect you from something that is considered illegal. It’s illegal to use cocaine as stated by laws so the union can’t protect you. The union doesn’t care about you. It’s a scam to extract money from you by making you pay union fees.

Justin Thyme 02/11/2018.

Hell no.

No Summertime 02/13/2018.

Considering that drug is illegal in all 50 states I'm going on a whim and say no.

Rad 02/13/2018.

Did the short bus drop you at the wrong house again?

Cee 02/12/2018.

Sure it is...

James 02/11/2018.

Since when does union membership give you a free pass to violate our laws?

Spock (rhp) 02/11/2018.

recreationally, yes.

Anonymous 02/11/2018.

Only if you offer some to your boss and upper management.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 02/11/2018.

With the few laws that prohibit drug use at work, as opposed to just drug use, none of them contain provisions to refuse testing.

You've confused the ability to harass your work force with law.

A union prevents a manager from harassing workers on a whim, especially when that manger is not subject to the same harassment.

Mr Pottimus 02/11/2018.

Lois is the local union expert, let's defer to her vast knowledge..