Why does my 5 year old sleep so hard?

alilyn812 02/10/2018. 5 answers
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I have a 5 year old little girl. She s kinda had me concerned here lately. I used to be able to wake in her room and gently shake her and wake her up for school. But here lately I ve had to almost yell at her, sit her up, and shake her kinda hard (not violently) to get her to wake up. She s fine and a normal 5 year...

5 Answers

Sandy 02/10/2018.

she could just be a deep sleeper. some people sleep lightly, and some sleep like the dead. shoot your pediatrician an email if you're concerned.

y 02/10/2018.

she needs to be in bed earlier.

Thomas 02/10/2018.

5 year olds need a lot of sleep. If she is getting to bed early enough, than what is going on is normal. Having to be at school early is not a natural thing.

* emily * 02/10/2018.

Your 5 year old probably needs to go to bed earlier, 5 year olds are usually very active and they need lots of sleep. she should have about 12 hours sleep a night.

megalomaniac 02/10/2018.

Is she getting enough sleep? Some people are light sleepers and some people have a harder time waking up. It could be normal or it could be that she isn't getting enough sleep.