Do Bill/Hillary Clinton have dirt on sufficient members of Government, Law Enforcement and the Courts that they will NEVER go to jail?

0NE TRlCK P0NY 02/10/2018. 10 answers
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Entropy 02/10/2018.

It's not dirt, it's FRIENDS. A great example was when Bill Clinton visited AG Loretta Lynch for a private meeting that was highly inappropriate given that Hillary was under investigation. Not long after, the DOJ made the unprecedented decision to give several of Hillary's top aide's immunity in exchange for...NOTHING.

Usually, the DOJ only give immunity in exchange for testimony that helps them land a bigger fish. But Loretta Lynch gave it to Huma Abedin and a couple other Clinton aides just as the FBI investigation was getting going. This meant that the main way the FBI might find out of Hillary was knowingly breaking the law or just accidentally (intent is a big part of the crime being investigated) was sabotaged knowingly by the DOJ actions.

It's therefore unsurprising that the FBI gave up and just mailed in the rest of the investigation. They didn't even bother interviewing Hillary until near the end because they knew they had no chance.

Sandy 02/10/2018.

WOW! That MUST be it!!! THAT'S why we can't get those slippery you-know-whats!!

Lolly 02/10/2018.

Wow, you're really scraping the bottom of the excuse barrel. Nothing left, huh?

The desperation is starting to get pathetic.

Kwest 02/10/2018.

Trump pays people to spread rumors to distract from his collusion and corruption

PoBoy 02/10/2018.

No, you see, to be convicted of a crime and go to jail in America, you have to actually be guilty of a crime. Actual guilt, not Fox Noise "questions" are required.

i am never wrong 02/10/2018.

You people are such ignorant suckers. The Clintons are not going to jail. Time to move on you moron.

Mr Pottimus 02/10/2018.

It is possible that if it comes down to her being indicted and her threat made, she may befall an accidental death, and if Bill doesn't get it he may have an accident also...

Mr. Smartypants 02/10/2018.

The way it works is that someone is accused of a crime, then the accusation is investigated to see if there's enough evidence for a grand jury to indict them. Then they get a fair trial and if they lose the trial they can go to prison.

Bill and Hillary have been accused of MANY crimes, just anything the Republicans could think of. Of course most of these accusations are totally spurious. So even though these crimes have been investigated (OVER and OVER again!), they never found enough evidence for an indictment. Bill was 'indicted' by the House of Representatives for lying about a hummer in the Oval Office, but the evidence was so flimsy that the Senate wouldn't even take the matter up. And NONE of Hillary's alleged crimes against humanity have ever gotten even as far as an indictment.

That's why they're not in jail. Now wait and see what we find out about Donald Trump in the next few months.

Gypsyfish 02/10/2018.

They'll never go to jail because they haven't broken any laws- you've got to stop being so gullible.

Anonymous 02/10/2018.

I do think they know where the bodies are buried (literally and figuratively).

Anyone who was stupid enough to roll around in the Clinton pigsty deserves whatever they get.