I see the moon, but does the moon SEE ME?

Stanley 02/10/2018. 9 answers
Social Science Psychology

9 Answers

Cosmoctopus 02/10/2018.

I've never asked it

Zoe 02/12/2018.

Let’s suppose the moon is a living thing and not an inanimate object of space.

The moon is on a huge scale which allows us too see it from such a far distance.

But as well are on an extremely smaller scale to the moon, the moon wouldn’t be able to even notice us.

It’s all about scales and size.

I’m conclusion, it would be impossible for the moon to see us as we are on a much smaller scale than it and it is an inanimate object.

Unless a person was to go to the moon qand get an EXTERMELY high quality camera which could zoom up to earth’s surface (practically impossible).

Gwyn 02/10/2018.

No, it has no eyes.

THE BANNIBAL ONE 02/10/2018.

There is no real man in the moon.

The shadows make it seem like there's a man sleeping there.

Not one planet has eyes,a brain or a heart.

So its impossible for the moon to see you.

rick29148 02/10/2018.

Yes, we see you ....................................

Kaysibabes 02/10/2018.

Its a piece of rock so I think not

Max Hoopla 02/10/2018.

You are too far away.

Mike 02/10/2018.

the moon is a HEAVENLY BODY without eyes, so ..... sorry, but it cannot see you back.

Kwest 02/10/2018.

the moon is not alive and does not have eyes