If I have a conviction in different county than the job I'm applying for?

ms.alliee 02/10/2018. 16 answers
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So i have a conviction on my record from a different county where I live and from where the job I am applying to is.

Question, do jobs only do background check with in the county you live or where the job is in?

or do they do state background checks? And would my misdemeanor show up?
And if i am applying for a...

16 Answers

laughter_every_day 02/11/2018.

Your assumption that every employer in the world has the same investigation for every job, from the sweeper to the CEO, is absurd.

Rosalie 02/10/2018.

Assume they will see it. If it's a government job, they most certainly will.

Acknowledge it up front, so you won't be accused for falsifying a government form.

If it's minor, it may not matter.

babyboomer1001 02/10/2018.

Likely Nationwide. You are scr*wed.

Anonymous 02/10/2018.

Background records - credit, DMV, arrest - are not State specific. Therefore, if I run a check on your name and SS number your entire record in every State, every County, will be visible.

Yeti 02/10/2018.

When you apply for a job and do an interview, they find out where you've historically lived and worked in the process. They can do searches in at least those locations.

It varies by location how easy it is to do searches on a county versus state level.

If they hire a service to do a check, those services compile multiple public records nationally. If you were convicted anywhere in the country, it's likely to turn up.

They'll usually ask you outright if you've ever being convicted of a crime. Answering dishonestly is grounds for immediate termination if/when they find out.

Foofa 02/10/2018.

If your conviction was minor enough for you to be allowed to immigrate to a new country it's likely not something that would doom your job prospects.

saucy minx 02/10/2018.

It doesn't matter. They will find out that is IF you're even allowed IN and aren't turned away at the border as border patrol is there to make sure criminal trash doesn't go into their country.

I suggest you find out if you will be ALLOWED in before you actually apply for a job first so you won't waste your time and get a shock when border patrol refuse to allow you into the country.

STEVEN F 02/10/2018.

Anyone that bothers to conduct a criminal records check will do AT LEAST a statewide check. Most will do a national check. Actually, I don't know anywhere that OFFERS a single county records check.

StephenWeinstein 02/10/2018.

Depending on the job, they might check the whole country. And a fingerprint is often run through the FBI database, which covers the whole country, not just one county or state.

Kaysibabes 02/10/2018.

well with us we check all the countries the person has lived in for the last 10 years - people have to give all the addresses they have lived at for the last 10 years

Apollenaire 02/11/2018.

The job isn't the problem, you have to live in the country which means the government is going to be looking at you and they will require a criminal background check.

Pascal the Gambler 02/11/2018.

They will see it. Most places would at least do the entire home state, if not national.

Mike 02/10/2018.

BE SURE this never comes back to bite you by DISCLOSING your past indiscretion to your potential employer. If you try and hide it and they find out, you will not only get fired, you will also have a much worse problem to deal with in that you committed a fraud on your employer.

Anonymous 02/10/2018.

Yes it will show up. Odd that you would think it wouldn't. Computers are thing now, you know? They plug in your name and ss# and bam! Everything comes up.

scootertrashbadboy 02/10/2018.

Depending on who the job is for they may run a National background ck, meaning nation wide to see your complete record.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage 02/10/2018.

Most countries don't accept convicts as immigrants.