What is the best eyecolor?

Un 02/10/2018. 11 answers
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11 Answers

sandra 02/12/2018.

reddish brown

Tahisha 02/12/2018.

Brown, Hazel


Gold, Brown, Bronze

neutral and go well with any look.

Shaelynn 02/12/2018.

Brown is a pretty common color, so it’s not seen as “wow! Such a pretty eye color!” Blue is also fairly common, but an exotic blue color and greens are seen as more eye catching.

Foofa 02/10/2018.

In terms of having the widest variety of product to choose from, brown eyes are best. Brown eyes look good with just about any color shadow or liner whereas green or blue eyes can clash with some shades.

Intrinsic Random Event 02/10/2018.


Seriously though, are you going to f**k with someone who has purple eyes? I wouldn't...

Tis 02/10/2018.


sherly 02/10/2018.


Romanichal 02/10/2018.


vivienne 02/10/2018.

Blue or grey

Mike 02/10/2018.

there is NO BEST--brown is dominant, blue is recessive, and the others are mixtures.