I am a fat lazy poor person. What's the easiest pet for me to raise that requires little attention, cheap, and provides hours of fun?

Anonymous 02/10/2018. 11 answers
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11 Answers

Nekkid Truth! 02/12/2018.

A giga pet. I think they remade those

Anonymous 02/12/2018.

Print a picture of a pet. Then you can keep sitting on your fat, lazy, moneyless @ss.

daniel g 02/12/2018.

Perhaps a stuffed one would best suit your lifestyle. Try a pet rock.

keerok 02/11/2018.

A pet rock.

Happy Gramps 02/11/2018.

yer vienna sausage ?? don't even need to move to enjoy plating with it

Anonymous 02/11/2018.

A pet rock.

Tis 02/11/2018.

A goldfish,lizard or snake or maybe tarantula. Anything in a cage/aquarium. All you gotta do is feed them daily and clean their house once a month unlike dogs or cats which require you to walk them or get check ups as well as other necessities.

beorn795 02/11/2018.

A goldfish - just one.

rob 02/13/2018.

Pet Rock

Laura 02/12/2018.

You could do fish. The aquarium and the upkeep for it is the most expensive thing, but once you have it you have it, and the fish to go in it are cheap.

You could go with a small rodent, like a hamster, gerbil, mouse, or rat. They don't live very long, but are very sweet. Again, the setup is the most expensive part, but once you have it you have it, so you can keep getting pets to put in it. The food for this pet is more than fish food, so keep that in mind. I just get big bulk bags and put it in an airtight container. Rodents also like fresh veggies and treats, so if you have some around the house they really like it.

Blonde 02/11/2018.

Domestic Fancy rat. They can even be trained, love to cuddle, give kisses. Their bedding can be anything so long as it isn't plastic, they are omnivorus and can eat almost anything. :)

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