I can't be bothered to get a haircut?

Bear 02/10/2018. 10 answers
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i have thick wavy-ish hair and it grows super quickly. It's about 3.5 inches on top and 2 inches on sides. It's almost covering my ears. Guys in school keep telling me to get a haircut but i really can't be bothered. How do i make hair that's not short but not past my ears look good on a teenage guy?

10 Answers

Ruggersfan 02/12/2018.

Dont if not bothered

Anonymous 02/12/2018.

Then dont no one cares.

Jack 02/11/2018.

Grow it out

kelvin 02/11/2018.

than don't get a haircut

Gwyn 02/11/2018.

Get a buzz cut...it will last longer.

Mike 02/10/2018.

assuming the school has no rules on hair style, you can do as you wish, but be advised if you go into the military or get a job, likely they WILL have a style limit and requirements you should be prepared to meet.

Sammy 02/10/2018.

Hair trimmer and 3 minutes of your time

audrey 02/10/2018.

What is wrong with the guys in your school? Long hair is sexy.

anonymous 02/10/2018.

You cant be bothered by keeping yourself groomed? But you are asking "how do I make my hair that's not short but not past my ears"?

Buy a WAHL hair trimmer. It works really well. You can adjust the shaver to the inch. We have been using this product for over 20 years. It is a lot cheaper than going to a barber, and the Trimmer pays for itself, after the first use.

Anonymous 02/10/2018.

Look to youtube for styling guidelines.