I have a boyfriend, does that make me gay?

Rion 02/10/2018. 23 answers
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If we have gay sex, is that gay?

23 Answers

zeno 02/12/2018.

Your gay if you have no desire for women. Your bisexual if you desire men

And women and your asexual if you don't want to have a sexual relation

With anyone I believe. Unless there is another term for not being sexual

With other people.

MARK 02/11/2018.

If you have a boyfriend and you are a male then you are gay. You also have nothing constructive to do if you post such puerile questions.

J 02/11/2018.


Candice 02/11/2018.

Just because one has sex with someone of the same gender that does not mean that one is gay. Why? Because not all people who have sex with the same gender are gay. Well, why do people have sex with members of the same gender if one is not attracted to members of their own gender? For many reasons, actually: because one could be confused about their sexual orientation, thus meaning they feel that they must experiment with members of different genders to figure out who they are sexually attracted to. Another reason could be for pleasure. For example, there are people who identify as heterosexuals yet still have sex with members of their own gender because they want to know what it's like, or sometimes it can be because they are not getting pleasure from their current source, thus meaning that they will have sex with anyone who is willing to have sex with them, regardless of their gender.

Always keep this mind: one is only gay if one is only attracted to members of the same gender.

Garrett 02/11/2018.

If you are a guy and you have a boyfriend, but not having sex, just means you have a boyfriend. Having gay sex does not "make you gay"-- just means you had gay sex. Most guys at some point have a same sex experience. But most don't consider themselves "gay". You could have a boyfriend and have a sexual relationship with him- and still not be "gay" but be bisexual if you still have sexual attraction towards girls.

Carmen 02/10/2018.

Yes, unless you were experimenting with a guy, that would make you bi-curious

Imani 02/10/2018.

Boy in this situation you're either bisexual or gay you can't be straight even with a transgender woman.

Supreme 02/10/2018.

Yes, you're a guy. And you just said you have "gay sex".

Anonymous 02/12/2018.

Are you a human being or a mushroom?

Joe 02/11/2018.

Gay as f u c k.

Jota 02/11/2018.

Yo can call it Brothering. You are just his brother, not gayness about it

reme_1 02/10/2018.

If two men are attracted to each other that means they are gay. What don't you understand?

Divine 02/10/2018.

If you like just men, you’re gay. If you like men and women, you’re bi. If you like everyone in all genders, you’re pansexual.

Anonymous 02/10/2018.

No not at all. Some straight guys just need to blow off some steam and release their tension sometimes. Sometimes guys butt fùck or suck each other off. There are some things that a man can do that a woman simply can’t, and sucking díck is one of them. A guy knows what pleases another guy, like when you start at the back of his balls, and give one big, long lick to the tip of his díck, while you reach around and stick your pinky up his àss. Nothing gay about it, it’s just a manly way of bonding. And none of that BS when you jerk him off to the finish; you keep that díck in your mouth till he’s done cùmming. Then it’s usually a manly slap on the back or a fist bump, and a “thanks bro!” and we go on our way to our straight, manly lives.

Cogito 02/10/2018.

Yes - of course. Or bisexual.

No straight man would ever willingly have sexual contact with another male.

Gwyn 02/10/2018.

It's perverted at least.

Chris 02/12/2018.

Only if you are a man

Knikkie 02/11/2018.

No, it makes you normal.

Anonymous 02/11/2018.

If it has gay in the name, it's gay.

Jon 02/11/2018.

Only if you like it.

Anonymous 02/10/2018.

Of course if you're a guy and you like men it makes you gay, or at least bi(if you also like women)

Lucas 02/10/2018.


Rob 02/10/2018.

Yep that is what 30% of what the questions in this section basically boil down to.