Is it OK to leave a 17 year old home alone?

Mike 01/11/2018. 15 answers
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I'm not sure if it's OK to leave my son home alone although he says he's ready for it. I'm concerned that he might accident do something like cause a fire or have an accident and not know what to do...

15 Answers

edward 01/13/2018.

My parents left me alone at 12. If something happens that i can't handle i call my parents and ask.

Charlie 01/13/2018.

Yes he's definitely old enough to be left at home by himself for a few hours and well as for the fire well it's probably not gonna happen but he'll definitely know what to do in a fire because we've been taught fire safety in first grade so he's definitely old enough to know what to do in this situation. As for him having an accident in the house, I doubt that'll happen unless there's something wrong with him ( Urinary track infection, diarrhea etc......) but even in that case a 17 year old should still be responsible enough to be at the house by himself for at least a few hours because he's almost an adult.

new_bumble_bee 01/12/2018.

No - I wouldn't recommend leaving someone under 18 home alone for long periods of time for various reasons which include - this isn't the movies and makauley Culkin isn't home alone like his movie he starred when he was a kid.

------- also noticed the other answers as well.

findnikki 01/12/2018.

well - i mean, i would never leave any of my kids alone overnight, but out for a few hours - should be mature enough to handle that...but that depends on you - did you raise your son to be mature?

Anonymous 01/11/2018.

Are you REALLY as dumb as you sound on here, Mike? Of course your son is old enough to stay by himself. He's going to be a MAN in another year, idiot !! That means he'll be old enough to vote, pay taxes, join the military, hold public office if wants to, sign contracts, get credit, buy tobacco products, smoke, get into R rated movies without an adult present, and hold numerous other privileges. You can't keep him a baby by not letting him stay by himself. And I might add that you are HARMING him by keeping him wrapped in cotton wool like this. He needs to learn how to fend for himself, and some basic street smarts, and he can't do that unless he's allowed to make mistakes and experience what the real world is like.

CJ 01/11/2018.

In less than a year he'll be old enough to go to war. I think he's old enough to sign up preliminary for the military now. He sure as heck better be able to stay home without accidentally burning the place down.

Chris P 01/11/2018.

Of course.

He was old enough to be left alone years ago.

When I was 17 I had a job, a house and a wife.

Joe 01/11/2018.

Most 12 year-olds are ok to leave at home. If he has issues, then no, you should not leave him unattended.

Corey 01/11/2018.

If he's 17 years old, he can handle himself. He's almost 18, he'll be an adult soon.

Anonymous 01/12/2018.

Most of my family began work at 14. I guess only you will know how responsible your son is and as to whether he can be trusted.

Starloser88 01/12/2018.

In a year he can move out and be on his own. I think he is more than ready to stay home alone unless there are any legitimate medical issues you aren't telling us about.

S 01/12/2018.

are you serious? a 12 year old can be left at home legally in most cases can also be respossable for siblings. If you are not comfortable with leaving your young man home alone you dropped the ball some place in raining him. A 3 year old can make a 911 cll in an emergency.

Suzy Q 01/11/2018.

If your 17 year old isn't ready to be home alone for an evening (or a week) he either has special needs or you really dropped the ball in your duties to raise him to become an independent adult.

Remy 01/11/2018.


Barnes 01/11/2018.

Yes it's fine. He's probably already lined up a hot girl to relieve the boredom.