How do people live in Seoul, Korea, knowing that any moment they could hear a whistle or see a bright flash before everything goes black?

Jackboot 01/10/2018. 5 answers
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For the lucky, everything would go black. For the less-lucky, there might be intense pain from shrapnel, pulverization, crushing, or third-degree burns.

People there live with that possibility every moment because they never know what the madman to the North might do!

5 Answers

Siddhartha 01/11/2018.

Easy, you get used to life on the front line. The longer the threat is there and doesn't happen, the easier it is to get on with living your life.

TexHabs 01/11/2018.

I've wondered about that as well, particularly as a former roommate of mine was South Korean and served in his country's army.

Poseidone 01/11/2018.

american people lived in the same way for 40 years

Verulam 01/11/2018.

What's the alternative? Live a life in fear, or get on with life? People are probably more likely to be killed crossing the road, or hit by something falling off a roof, than anything coming from N.Korea in any case and IF it happened, they'd not know much about it!

However, it looks as if N and S Korea are mending fences as we speak. Clever move on the part of the N.Korean leader - drive a wedge between S. Korea and America!!

Barry A 01/11/2018.

Replace Seoul with New York.

People in the US have to worry about that madman in Ottawa.