Poll: Do you have to take medication every day?

Rainbow 01/09/2018. 72 answers
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72 Answers

Anonymous 01/12/2018.


1 Google & 2 Firefox tablets every day.

Helps with the poison from Yahoo

Anonymous 01/12/2018.

No but when I did from middle school through high school. My parents made me take medication because some doctor recommended it because I was doing so bad in school for my "ADHD". I hated it and refused to take it after I graduated.

Anonymous 01/11/2018.


Suffer from insomnia

Lucky13 01/10/2018.

yes...5 different ones...i hate the side effects but it keeps my conditions under control...

Son goku 01/09/2018.

Sad, but true...

Night Owl 01/09/2018.

Yes, I take meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol. They both run in my family, so I have to watch what I eat too.

CaliforniaLove 01/09/2018.

yeap! i take medicine for seizures

lamictal 100mg 2 in the morning & 2 at night

fycompa 6 mg 1 at night

i been taking seizure medicine for 34yrs

Nicole 01/09/2018.

yes i do if i dont i can get serious side effects

Maksud Rahman 01/12/2018.

yes my mother everyday take medication

Carole Kingg 01/12/2018.

Yes. Aspirin for migraines that don't hurt, but screw up my vision with these little dots flashing around.

Seizure medication

Medication for my osteoporosis

Iron pills

ivosanz 01/12/2018.

NO. I'm fine.

lebanese 01/10/2018.

Yup. Folic acid bc my levels are so low that my hair is falling out.

Papa 01/10/2018.

Unfortunately, yes.

JJ 01/09/2018.

Yes, quite a few.

Anonymous 01/09/2018.

I don't have to but I take iron supplement and a multivitamin and multi-mineral.

Brandee Wings 01/09/2018.

no, not really

wHaT eVeR 01/09/2018.

Yes I take several.

angela 01/12/2018.

No I dont. Even though I probably should take something for my anxiety and depression, I dont want to. I think people are way too over medicated with drugs these days that they dont even need. There are so many alternatives to try than to rely on these drugs that have so many side effects and contain all these chemicals which can be more harmful to the body than it is helpful. People need to realize that just because a doctor prescribes you with something, it doesn't always mean it's right for you. Some doctors don't even care about you.

mrs.w. 01/11/2018.

Ya. Why, I have underactrive thyroid.

happydawg 01/10/2018.

Yes. Bisoprolol, Hydrochlorotiazide, Lisinopril, Spironolactone, Amlodipine. and Atorvastatin. I have hypertension.

Anonymous 01/10/2018.

Yup. Pretty much everyone does.

Wait till youre older, as in pension age and addicted to codeine.

Valexnia 01/10/2018.

I am supposed to be taking something but I just got fed up with it.

Declen 01/10/2018.

i use to take a lot of them in high school and when high school was over i just stopped taking them and if you are wondering why i stopped taking them they was making me crazy and i couldn't focus btw they were for my ADHD

Anonymous 01/09/2018.

Yes, I take 5 different medications each day - two of them I have to take twice a day, the others just in the morning.

Sara 01/09/2018.

Yes I have to take medication every day.

Luke 01/12/2018.

Yep, I take usually one-melatonin every-night a little bit before bed-time. I also take Vitamin C and D pills everyday during the largely sunless winter-days as it not only helps feel more energized but also more immune to the common-cold and other-illnesses during the dead of winter.

Muhammad 01/12/2018.

lol no

colin 01/11/2018.

yes have to a few terrible but better than pain

FIIK 01/11/2018.

Yes, 6 pills every morning and another 6 every evening on an average day, a few more if that doesn't work, plus regular self injection, oh what fun :(

Anonymous 01/10/2018.

Yeah, I have panic attacks

daljack -a girl 01/09/2018.

Yes I do....two.

Janae 01/09/2018.

Yes, I take medication for my anxiety.

Anonymous 01/09/2018.

Yes. It's because I had a kidney transplant over 5 years ago.

Cosmoctopus 01/09/2018.

No, I'm not a weakling

Yoon 01/12/2018.

yes, for my allergies and to help me sleep.

Karna 01/11/2018.

Yes, I have High BP which requires daily medicine.

Tawny 01/09/2018.

Yes. I could literally open my own mini pharmacy.

Fireball 01/09/2018.

yes ...claritin is one of them

Mir Quasem 01/11/2018.


KENNETH D 01/10/2018.

Yes as I am diabetic and have high cholesterol

Ophelia 01/10/2018.

I should, but I don't...

Sunshine 01/10/2018.

not really

Anonymous 01/09/2018.

Yes. One is just for coping with YA.

Daniel 01/09/2018.

Nope I dont have to take Medication Every Day

Rolf 01/11/2018.

Yes, I have diabetes.

Anonymous 01/10/2018.

Nope Im young and pretty good health

dharmendra 01/10/2018.

nobody take everyday

Peter 01/10/2018.

No, I subscribed to Peter Chao so I'm in great shape

Anonymous 01/09/2018.

yes for allergies

Betty 01/09/2018.

Yes...I have diabetes...

stephen 01/11/2018.


Billy 01/10/2018.

Yes, I take







and 12 other vitamin & mineral pills

メイビス 01/09/2018.

Yes , iron tablets , have anaemia .

joe 01/09/2018.

I take paracetamol everyday

Thought 83 01/09/2018.

No, none.

CAB 01/09/2018.

Have to? No.

Lone Survivor Of The Apocalypse 01/09/2018.

No...I only take supplements to avoid taking prescription meds.

Paul 01/12/2018.

Yea I take antidepressants

Glowing Allure 01/12/2018.

yes for depression

aerie 01/12/2018.

Yes, I take meds for depression, ADD, anxiety, sleep, acid reflux, migraines, calcium and vit D.

Vicky 01/11/2018.

Yes I do.

pamela 01/10/2018.

yes for the rest my life for my thyroid..

Sharon S 01/10/2018.

yes a few

Anonymous 01/09/2018.

no, I write in my journal about my sad and depression and ready life to end, my thoughts and stuff I like. Just started writing journal recently I heard it helps

Stanley. 01/09/2018.

Over the counter medication? I take 2 cod liver tablets, 1 iron tablet and 2 glucosamine tablets everyday, I have done for 15 years.

dawlat 01/12/2018.

no every day but every month due to mentrual pain

Nadine 01/12/2018.

yes. 100mg Sertraline for anxiety and depression.

Stupid Name 01/11/2018.


But my son, sister, sister-in-law, 2 elderly Uncles and others I know- do.

If they don't then they are in pain constantly. They all wish they could just go without, but sadly they can not.

I am lucky & count my health blessings. It is a shame that drugs like Crack or Heroin are lumped with actual prescribed pain meds under the Opioid umbrella term. It's also sad that people who abuse the prescribed pain medications make it difficult for the ones that use it correctly. For my son it's harder access and I fear it will get even harder as time goes on.

simon 01/10/2018.

Yes unfortunately

free 01/10/2018.

Nope. Was supposed to be on mental health meds buts that's all a crock of shiiit so they can control and limit your mind.

Aaron 01/09/2018.

Yep! It keeps me from jumping off a cliff with a rope around my neck :D

Serve The Servants 01/09/2018.

Just vitamins

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