Why is getting drunk every weekend so expensive ?

Anonymous 01/09/2018. 14 answers
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Barry burton 01/11/2018.

Alcohol isn't that expensive. You are probably going to clubs. Which is pricey

Gerry G 01/10/2018.

Because alcoholic beverages are not cheap, mainly from the taxes.

hi_its_bryan 01/10/2018.

It is a long story, but the price of certain brands of sneakers plays a big part in it.

Khalequzzaman 01/10/2018.

You drink costly drink

Livinrawguy 01/10/2018.

Cause booze is not cheap and the more often you consume alcohol in excess you build up a tolerance and must consume more and more booze to get drunk. Just buy cheap tequila wont take much too put you on your butt.

Anonymous 01/10/2018.

Seriously? You can get a 1.75 liter jug of whiskey for $15.00. How is that expensive?

Salt and Peppy 01/10/2018.

Because you probably go to a bar every weekend.

You can buy an entire fifth and a two-liter of pop for the price of 2 to 3 drinks at the bar.

Gene 01/10/2018.

Simple math. If you go out and say buy a few beers every weekend night, you might be spending say $5.50 times the amount of beers you're drinking that night. If you get say 2 every night, you are spending $11 plus tip which might be like a dollar or so $12 a night maybe. So multiply $12 times 4 Saturdays a month, you're looking at $48 a month. An that's if you're not a drunk who likes the expensive stuff.

Gabriel 01/10/2018.

Cause It cost money to buy alcohol

Eric Chavez 01/10/2018.

I buy carlo rossi sangria for $14. Lasts me a whole week

turany 01/10/2018.

no idea, because I never drink alcohol.

TexHabs 01/10/2018.

You either go drinking at bars / clubs, and/or don't know your limits,

Fred3663 01/10/2018.

The government have to take the alcohol tax.

Casey 01/10/2018.

Because alcohol is so expensive.