What exactly is bad cooking?

Lab rat 01/08/2018. 21 answers
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If you've experienced a dish you didn't like, what made it not so great?

21 Answers

Gerry G 01/10/2018.

I think there would be as many different answers as there are people. I love to experiment. Some dishes do not turn out. I do not consider that to be bad cooking, just a learning experience.

Bree 01/10/2018.

Meatballs ruin spaghetti completely for me.

Groovy_Unicorn 01/10/2018.

It could be anything really. taste is a big factor as well as if something is over or under cooked. Gumbo with under cooked, crunchy rice wouldn't be any good now would it? A burned piece of chicken is dry and tastes like a charcoal. Over season something and your guests will be chugging water in between bites. Under season and they'll use a whole salt shaker making up for flavor.

CB 01/09/2018.

I made chicken pot-pies for my boy(they were very young) one time and tried to keep from using too many unfriendly kid ingredients and it was awful - even the kids didn't like it......Never again and now my grown boys will eat just about anything -- no fear of heat or spices. Wife and I ordered pizza it was so bad.

helping_people 01/09/2018.

Several reasons... It is Undercooked, it is Overcooked, the ingredients don't go well together, I don't like foods with tiny bones, difficult to eat foods (too time consuming), foods that stare up at me, etc,

John 01/09/2018.

If I buy a cheap cut of meat and mess it up too, there will be a delicious crunchy fatty tender pork chop only to be ruined when this one side of it feels like trying to bite someone's bum shoulder. Your uncle knows when it's going to rain because his ww2 gunshot gets sore, that's bad ingredients that can also be poorly seasoned or poorly paired with also sugary carrots and red wine.

Good cooking would balance the meal by treating the levels. If you have sweet pork, find a bitter veg pair. Salty beef with sweet onions, etc.

kswck2 01/09/2018.

Bad cooking has little to do with what You don't like. Rather it is a dish where the flavors just don't come together or you just mess the crap out it,.

John D 01/09/2018.

Christmas Day. A $100 prime rib roast that was cooked well done, and then cooked some more. The whole table of 20 people sat there saying, "Where's the medium rare?" But no, it is what they insist on serving. Shoe leather.

Sort of the whole point of the question. A huge roast on Christmas day. 20 guests, friends and family. The roast wasn't cooked for the guests because almost everybody doesn't eat shoe leather beef. The roast was cooked for the oblivious cook, who imagines that everyone is supposed to have her horrible tastes in food. Which they don't. A good cook makes food for the diners, within reason.

Anonymous 01/09/2018.

The rice was gluggy coz it wasn't rinsed of all the starch. It was inedible. (I was the cook btw haha.)

Kaiyle 01/09/2018.

it tasted like *** and not in a good wya

turany 01/10/2018.

when it become too much salty and oily

Alex 01/10/2018.

It depends assuming you mean what was the worst verson of a meal i liked and not a meal that just wasnt my taste.

Lasagna.the person decided that instead of using fresh meat that they wood use 3yearold-black-out-the-freezer-ground-be... .

Yes it tasted rubbery

Yes i threw up

Yes they got mad at me accusing them

And yes some one else told me 20 minutes after i ate it

sheloves_dablues 01/10/2018.

Bad cooking is not the same thing as not liking the taste of a dish.

Bad cooking is when food is under or over-cooked. Under or over-seasoned. Poor technique..

I ordered a pasta dish at a high end Italian restaurant and was sorely disappointed when I realized I made it better at home..

two11ll 01/10/2018.

It's just like bad art -- it's hard to define it, but I know it when I taste it.

hi_its_bryan 01/09/2018.

I consider bad cooking when someone forgets to pee in the bucket before they pour it in the water at the doughnut shop.

Gerald Cline 01/09/2018.

Over cooked/under cooked/badly seasoned/served cold/dry....

IvaB 01/09/2018.

bad taste has to be #1 (too much herbs/spice,or too little,blandness,over/under cooking etc.) secondly a creepy texture is not so great either-presentation means practically nothing to me-its' pretty much all in the taste,no?

Anonymous 01/09/2018.

Anything that I don't like the taste of is bad for me. We all have different tastes and cook the things we like. As I now live alone I only have to please myself so there are some things I no longer cook because I don't have to take into consideration anyone but myself. Everything is personal taste so the only thing I'd say is bad cooking is if someone allows food to burn, adds far too much salt or undercooks it and that can happen to absolutely anything that needs to be cooked.

Brian. 01/09/2018.


bob f 01/09/2018.

hash browns that were closer to ash browns. I like my spuds to taste like spuds, not wood chips.

Allex 01/09/2018.

Food that tastes rebarative.