What is your favorite flower ?

mithun 01/06/2018. 81 answers
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81 Answers

Anonymous 01/08/2018.

Black Rose

ivosanz 01/08/2018.

I want to answer this but I don't have any favorite flower, am I the only one?

Jack 01/08/2018.

Red Rose

Anonymous 01/08/2018.


Donald Pierce 01/08/2018.

Well it's more of a plant than a flower, my favourite plant is a cactus

I have no idee why but I love them.

aerosmith4ever1963 01/08/2018.

I Love Roses Remind Me Of My Grandma!

Baron VonHiggins 01/08/2018.


Oceanwave88 01/08/2018.

Most girls i am sure going answer with Red Roses or any kind Roses

but i also like Lilly paradise flower

CaliforniaLove 01/07/2018.

the one my man give me

Danielle 01/07/2018.


Guilty 01/08/2018.

Roses, bright red.

sundeep9732 01/08/2018.


black hawk 01/08/2018.

Don't know. Cause there are so many different ones.

Zoe 01/08/2018.


loubylou 01/08/2018.

all roses

P 01/07/2018.

Passion flower

Bubba Gubbins 01/07/2018.

Trillium grandiflorum.

Anonymous 01/07/2018.

Red Roses

Ibis405 01/07/2018.

My love is like a red, red rose.

Anonymous 01/08/2018.


Railway 01/08/2018.

Red Rose

Tiffany 01/08/2018.

Hollyhocks. I have a story for you. My grandfather absolutely hated them! They always grew in his huge garden and he'd always have to get rid of them and said it was a pain in the ***. When he died, suprisingly so did the hollyhocks. They didn't grow back and then we went up to the garden on his birthday and there was several of them growing there beautifully.

🍂 Poppy 01/08/2018.

I Love Poppies.

That Weird Won in the Corner 01/08/2018.

Lotus and Ganja Flower

Dydkbf64467 01/08/2018.


joe 01/08/2018.

Red rose

Austin 01/08/2018.

The one I took away from your daughter

PrincessKateMiddleClass 01/08/2018.

The rose is my favorite flower.

メイビス 01/08/2018.

Rose and Lavender

free 01/08/2018.

Purple, and pastel colours

Anonymous 01/08/2018.

orchids, peonies, roses, all blossoms, magnolias, camellias, lilies, poppies.

Helen 01/08/2018.

Red roses

Sharon S 01/08/2018.


Biker 01/08/2018.

Strawberry flowers before they turn into strawberries.

Paul 01/08/2018.

I like orange Lillie’s

Anonymous 01/08/2018.


18 gibbs 20 01/07/2018.


Jota 01/07/2018.

Flowers should be banned from the world- -

HollyPaw 01/07/2018.

Love the flowers..endlessly*..It's the rose..Then ..Now..and Always..~*

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Anonymous 01/09/2018.


TheScrap 01/08/2018.

I like Sun loving, colourful, fast growing, pretty, relatively non toxic, generous, easy to care / deal with flowers, like Zinnias, Cosmos, Sunflowers, torenias, Marigold, Dandelion, and Nasturtium.

I also like Morning glories, but they are toxic.

Tony 01/08/2018.


A 01/08/2018.

Red roses

Rasel 01/08/2018.

Rose is my favorite flower.

Herc 01/07/2018.

The vagina is my favorite flower.

Maia J-S 01/07/2018.

Lily of the Valley.

Failing that anything white will do...

Maisie 01/07/2018.

Cauliflower lol.

Sonu 01/08/2018.

Red Rose

Blue Sky 01/08/2018.

The Mariposa Lily.

Bert Weidemeier 01/08/2018.


Hyojung 01/08/2018.


Nevermind. 01/08/2018.

I like a bundle of different flowers but I love pink roses or bellflowers, purple ones are so pretty.

southerngirl2294 01/07/2018.


Joey 01/07/2018.

The cactus

abcame ♂ 01/07/2018.

Pink peony

Steve 01/09/2018.

Roses, tea roses and gardinias

I Hate Cats 01/08/2018.


♥ яєηєє ♥ 01/08/2018.

Roses are my favourite :)

daughtereponymous 01/07/2018.

GLENDA 01/07/2018.

Lily of the Valley.

Coffee 01/07/2018.

I like Roses and Marigold flowers. They both look nice in the yard and smell nice

Kathy 01/07/2018.

Red roses.

Anonymous 01/07/2018.

Roses? I dunno.

Gloria 01/08/2018.

Calla lily

Anonymous 01/08/2018.


shybutterfly 01/08/2018.

White orchids mainly but I like any other white flower.

john 01/08/2018.

Cherry blossom

Matilda 01/08/2018.

Not a huge fan of flowers.

Richard 01/08/2018.


Jacob 01/08/2018.


Killmouseky 01/07/2018.

The "flower" between my wife's legs. 2nd choice - Sterling roses.

conley39 01/07/2018.


Anonymous 01/07/2018.

Tiger lilys

KingsChair1000 01/09/2018.

Those dancing ones in Fantasia.

Book 01/08/2018.

Baby's breath

Anonymous 01/08/2018.

I don't have a favourite flower, I mean I ate a buttercup once so I guess I'll just say that that one is my favourite.

Anonymous 01/08/2018.


Licor de Ameixa 01/08/2018.


Gary The Human Being 01/07/2018.


Earl the Gearl 01/07/2018.

Yellow tulips. I love the shape of tulips. I love the sight of tulip fields. (I used to pass by tulip fields in Washington.) And yellow is my favorite color.

* emily * 01/07/2018.

My favorite flower is the freesia, not only does it look beautiful, it also has a beautiful perfume.