Any Three's Company experts who can answer this?

Jeff 01/04/2018. 7 answers
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Did Jack ever 'do' any of the women? Was he a bar patron?

7 Answers

larry1 01/04/2018.

No Jack never did any of the girls as he was pretending to be gay. That was part of the premise of the program, he was pretending to be gay so he could live with the girls and have sex with them, but pretending to be gay got in the way of him having sex with them, plus the 2 girls just wanted him as a friend.

In the program Jack worked as a bartender and a chef, and sometimes was a patron of the hangout Regal Beagle bar, but Jack's friend Larry was the big bar patron.

Anonymous 01/05/2018.

No, Jack did not do the other women. Yes he was a bar patron, he went and had a beer every now and then with his friend Larry.

Murzy 01/04/2018.

I doubt it since Jack was gay

jim 01/04/2018.

no and he did hang out at the regal beagel

Happy Gramps 01/04/2018.

only he and mr roper pulled their puds

scootertrashbadboy 01/04/2018.

Im sure him and Crissy had sex EVERY night, IN HIS DREAMS.

kelvin 01/04/2018.

no he didn't and he was a cook