Surround system help!?

FEZ the Loco Guy 01/04/2018. 4 answers
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So I have a sony Bravia 3D TV (2015) and samsung 3d blu ray player surround system (model ps-fs1-1). The surround system before was working fine. But now they are acting weird. When I go to test them out, all the speakers are coming from Front Left, while the center speakers is coming from Front Right. As for...

4 Answers

spacemissing 01/16/2018.

Your description makes me suspect that someone reconnected the system improperly.

Otherwise "its brains are scrambled" and it will need either a reset or repair.

inconsolate61 01/16/2018.

Patently unlikely unless you cross-wired the output channel lines, and unplugged or shorted out the ones not working. In which case not all the output would be magically shuffled to one speaker, just absent. You probably need to check your wiring first and reconnect each one. If still a problem, check your set up and do a Surround balance test from the receiver. If all do not tone test, recheck the item tested for failed wiring. if still bad, the receiver is bad. if tests well, the Player is very likely bad, or mis-wired. You can check other internal sources like the radio to see if it is only coming from the player. In short, track the error down by testing for its source.

Funnyman 01/16/2018.

Rest the setting or unplug both treachery plug them back in.

Squeemy Jeemy 01/16/2018.

sounds like something might have reset, im not too familiar with your set up. but your going to have to re set up your speakers.