[[Opinions]] Should Camilla become Queen?

andrewsj01 01/03/2018. 18 answers
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The duchess of Cornwall will become princess consort when Charles becomes king, although there have been rumours that he intends to make her his queen. So in your opinion should Camilla become Queen Consort

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LindseyS499 01/07/2018.

No she will become Queen Consort. She's the spouse of a King but she doesn't rule.

If Charles becomes King then she will become Queen Consort, not a Queen that reigns over a country.

Instead of using the title Princess of Wales, she is styled through her husband's secondary designation as Duchess of Cornwall.

armouror 01/06/2018.

Only queen Consort when he dies she is just another commoner

C.G. 01/05/2018.

Actually, Camilla only announced at the time of her marriage that she wanted to be known as a princess consort--in order to calm Diana's most ardent fans. The fact is that there is no title of princess consort in the UK. The wife of the king is usually titled princes consort- wife of the king who has no hereditary powers to reign.

Camilla will just be a support to Charles. Queen Consort will be her title.

Mercury 01/05/2018.

By law she will be Queen Consort. They will be no public outrage.

Syntinen Laulu 01/04/2018.

Yes, she should. For a millennium the legally married wife of the King has automatically and by definition been Queen, regardless of her character, class or previous hanky-panky with the king when he was married to someone else. Many past Queens consort have been extremely unpopular with the people at large, and several were of outright bad character, but that didn't make them not-Queen.

ksnake10 01/04/2018.

No. First of all she isn't a Windsor by blood, and neither was Princess Diana for that matter. Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Phillip-- the Duke of Edinborough, also could never be the King of England, because he too isn't a Windsor. The crown of the House of Windsor is passed down from oldest Windsor child to their oldest Windsor child. Second, Camilla is the second wife of Prince Charles with whom she was "carrying on an affair" with the latter during his marriage to Diana which is scandalous to say the least. Camilla Parker-Bowles isn't lacking for money, prestige, attention, or anything else of substance in this world. She deserves all of the notoriety she received for choosing to embarrass herself and the Royal Family the way she did. I think that Camilla is rather enjoying the fact that most of the paparazzi is now focused on William, Kate, Harry, and now --- Meghan Markle.

Janet S 01/04/2018.

She’s entitled to call herself queen, but because of popular affection for Diana, she won’t. It would make Camilla less popular.

Sir Prince Kenny 01/04/2018.

No, of course not. It would just be rewarding the despicable and inhumane way that she treated Diana, Princess of Wales before she dumped Charles. We don't reward murderers for their actions, or thieves or other assorted criminals, so why reward whores?

Manxbiker 01/03/2018.

It doesn't matter what we think if Charles becomes king she will become his consort..

Eddie 01/03/2018.

She'll just be a consort, this is why her title is 'Lady' and not 'Princess'

As for my opinion, get rid of the lot of them .

Anonymous 01/05/2018.

The public do not want Charles to become king or his mistress to become queen

Baby boomer rock fan 01/04/2018.

She will become queen automatically if Charles ever becomes king. And since she'll be a queen, why shouldn't language reflect the reality? When the time comes, just call her what she really is.

PAMELA 01/04/2018.

The minute charles is king she is queen consort, so it makes no difference at all what anyone thinks.

Lili 01/04/2018.

It doesn't matter what title she uses, she will be the legal queen consort just she is now the legal Princess of Wales. Under British common law, a wife takes her titles and styles from her husband's, and if the husband is a king, his wife is a queen consort.

What she is not is a queen regnant, a woman who reigns in her own right. Queen Elizabeth is a queen regnant. There is a great difference between the two.

Camilla can use the title "Princess Consort" if they decide that's best, but she will still be the queen consort. There is no precedent for "Princess Consort," no one's ever used it, and since she'll be the queen consort, she might as well use that title, in my opinion. It's not as though it ever belonged to Charles's first wife; she didn't own it. There's no law that says having an affair with the king before you marry him somehow deprives you of the queen consort title.

David GH UK 01/04/2018.

Of course she should and she will. They allow Harrys girl friend to marry him so they must do the same for Camilla.

Baron Clownish 01/04/2018.

If she is married to the king, she would be the queen - regardless of what anyone may say or think.

Verulam 01/03/2018.

I don't think our opinion, one way or the other, makes much difference. IF Charles lives to become King, his wife would automatically be his Consort. His Queen Consort not Princess Consort btw. Wait and see.

capitalgentleman 01/03/2018.

The wife of a king is normally a "Queen Consort." I do not see why Camilla should be any different.