Does watching anime automatically make me a loser?

Anonymous 01/02/2018. 22 answers
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I'm a freshman in high school, I play sports, get good grades, I have a girlfriend and I'm decently athletic, yet people still say I'm a loser for watching anime. It's just every once and a while, but sometimes people catch me watching it and say I'm a loser. Why is this?

22 Answers

Future Novel Writer 01/06/2018.

No way! I love anime and that doesn't make me a loser. It shouldn't make you a loser either and a lot of people like anime.

Travis 01/05/2018.

When I was in middle school i was literally the outcast of outcasts and I watched a ton of anime. In Highschool I was one the most popular guys there and I watched a ton of anime, played Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic the gathering. 10 years later, I'm married, have a house and kid and all that highschool popularity amounted to nothing. Btw, still watch a ton of anime. Just do you and forget about everyone else. They aren't going to be there years down the road when it matters most anyway. Only your friends and true friends won't care if you watch anime.

AChickenWang 01/05/2018.

Tons of cool kids watch anime just dont want to admit i know they watch dragon ball z and naruto i know this because ive seen it

Chika 01/04/2018.

Depends on what you watch.

Liltotto Lampard 01/04/2018.

People tend to mock, insult or disrespect other people who like what they don't like. Truth is that their opinion doesn't matter. Don't dislike something because others do, it will only show that you're a sheep who follows other people around and when one's decisions are made, you approve of it. Don't be like that.

I watch Anime specifically ones like Bleach and One Punch Man and I get called similar names as you are called but I don't care what they think, you shouldn't either.

Androgynous 01/04/2018.

no it makes you cool

Gerardo 01/03/2018.

Before Society, yeah... But don't pain attention to them

Ben W91 01/03/2018.

catch you watching anime? lol make sure they walk in well your watching

Corpse party. thats the most ****** up **** ive ever seen. and ive seen a lot....

Rebecca 01/03/2018.

Better question: Why care?

Like whatever you like.

janet 01/03/2018.

No, anime is popular rn

Hangin 01/07/2018.

Because most people who watch it are losers, lame, cringe worthy, and doesn't have a life. I'm not saying all are like that, but that's what people see, only the bad side. They don't look at normal people like you. No offense to otakus, but we have to face the truth. I've been there. But why care? Play it cool and they won't mind.

Omara 01/06/2018.

I don't know about that, but not watching Garzey's Wing makes you a fooligan

Anonymous 01/05/2018.

holy crap no

you get good grades

you have a girl friend

you play sports

bro youre a highschool boy hero lol youre no way a loser

theres this one dude in my highschool whos considered the most handsome guy in our school (instagram faizan.a you have to request to follow him) and he does debate, business club FBLA, GPA is top 5% of his class asf and hes on football and he watches Naruto on the low. Hes probably going to yale. Youre ahead of so many other people in your grade as what it sounds youre no way a loser even if you watch anime in your bed and even if you were like a weeaboo no one can call u a loser Lol

May 01/05/2018.

If it makes you happy inside,then do it

Don't worry about what others will say because you never know,maybe it is a defense mechanism for them and they secretly watch it as well ;)

Mircea The Young 01/04/2018.

No. What will however automatically make you a loser is listening to people who spew such nonsense.

Shifting Sands 01/03/2018.

No it doesn't. I don't like the word loser. Calling someone a loser implies there's something wrong with their lifestyle, which is simply not true. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies. You liking something they don't doesn't make you a loser at all, and vice versa. It's a pointless word.

I think anime is looked down upon just because at a glance it seems odd and isn't well understood in mainstream western culture. When you think about it, people calling you loser because of anime is just silly and they have no basis for it, most probably don't know a thing about anime. So just ignore it I'd say, you do your thing and let them do theirs! =]

. 01/03/2018.

No. It does not.

What You Talkin' About? 01/03/2018.

Pretty much. Caring what other people think makes you an even bigger loser.

Tina 01/03/2018.

These things do not determine you don’t let other people who are LOSERS themselves tell you that you can’t do what you like! If like anime watch them and don’t care about others

Laura L 01/03/2018.

Anime is fantastic art. I was around when Ranma 1/2 was first being disseminated into the culture here in the US in the early mid 1990's. It was awesome to see bootleg copies at a friend's place.

Saturn 01/05/2018.

It’s because typically anime is corny and has some bizzare storylines and stereotypically the people associated with it are normally nerdy. In reality, doesn’t matter. If it bothers you so much, I’d switch to watching shows like Dragonball Z or Naruto which even “cool” people tend to show interest in. But honestly, no big deal what others say, just enjoy it.

libbyhmccallum 01/04/2018.

anyme iz dah bezt