How does this drawing look? How Can it be improved?

Alijah 01/02/2018. 7 answers
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The idea is perspective and visual development. Should I focus more on accuracy of the objects or just the basic shape of each one when sketching?

7 Answers

G-style 01/06/2018.

It looks sideways like all the objects are facing the left side, also your perspective is a bit off. It seems as though you didn't place your vanishing points in the right place. Personally i would put a vanishing point in the lower middle of the paper, so all your object are facing the person. The fridge should either be taller, or you should add some lines to the top so people can see surface of the fridge. The corner on the counter-top should be a little bit to the left. Maybe watch some youtube videos on 2 dimensional perspective

Kalico 01/05/2018.

It looks like it's sideways... and your perspective is way off.

Elaine M 01/05/2018.

Actually your fridge looks 3" deep based on the angle of the piece just to the left. Your floor angles are wonky, they are too angled for sectioning off a floor space in squares. And there's no vertical wall line going up for the corner on the left. The counter space there is too even for the angle coming around the wall.

It's difficult to 'see' the image easily with it scanned in vertically instead of horizontally like it is.

 👥☥♡☮  01/05/2018.


  Your image has an orthographic isometric form to it, not same as still life peripheral form, you have the one point aspect, you don’t want to change now, if you wanted more realism, you start over and wysiwyg,


NorthernNightfall24 01/05/2018.

...I like the stove and the refrigerator.

Tim D 01/05/2018.

You have failed to grasp how perspective works, the angled lines of the tiled floor should tell you that it is incorrect. Instead of meeting at a point to the left and bottom of the drawing they should be meeting to the top and right. That means that the line running between the cooker and the fridge is a long way off, it needs to rotate anti-clockwise. That will show you that the cooker is also off. It will not take much to sort it out.

dewcoons 01/05/2018.

If your goal in the drawing is to get the perspectives right, you have done a oood job. I see nothing that would need to be changed or improved.