Is the Logitech Z313 3-Piece Speaker System good enough to play my vinyl or should I get new speakers.If so what are some decent cheap ones?

connor 01/02/2018. 7 answers
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Lance 01/08/2018.

Your best bet would be to look into getting some Makie or Edifier speakers, those will probably give you the best sound quality for your buck ratio in a powered speaker any way...You could also go with a SMSL amp or Topping amp and get some Dayton Audio passive speakers that might be another way to go...Its all subjective and many variables, whats good to one person is not so good to another whats inexpensive is pricey to another...Its also progressive once one gets better products and higher quality speakers its hard to go back to what you once considered to be OK...

AVDADDY 01/06/2018.

Decent, or cheap. Choose one. You cannot have both. Stick to your iPod, & leave vinyl to those of us who grew up with it.

roberto 01/06/2018.

cartridge in the turntable the tt motor,the reciever,and speakers all should be made so as to deliver good sound,obviously impedance should match tho you can play mismatched reciever & speakers in the ohms dept and still get reasonable sound,

the whole set is on the small side you can get an audio system with older but still well running components with a whopper of increased volume,but still sounding clean crisp and looouuudddd, used upscale audio stores,they will hook up what you are interested in , shop around till you find what you want,a bet is your laptop is the audio source with a 1/8 in stereo plug for audio out,that plug is often on the fragile side,do not bend & twist that cord,or the socket gets deformed & then you get audio dropouts

ANDRE L 01/05/2018.


A good stereo system requires a stereo or home threater audio receiver and a minimum of two good quality home audio speakers.

Logictech crap is barely OK, if you use them with a desktop computer and you are sitting without a foot of all of the speakers.

inconsolate61 01/04/2018.

Can't imagine using desk-top speakers on anything but a desktop, and that only for convenience.

spacemissing 01/03/2018.

No Logitech speaker is good enough for playing anything but YouTube videos and the like.


Decent new speakers start at about $200 per cabinet ($400 a pair).

Look for JBL, Infinity, Boston Acoustics, Advent, Mission, Paradigm, Polk, and PSB.

Used ones can sometimes be had for $25 to $100 a pair depending on your luck.

You will need an amplifier to drive the speakers.

A stereo receiver is the most convenient option for that.

New ones start at about $130 (Sherwood is the best of the budget brands).

Used ones can be found for $15 and up.

Best bets for used receivers are Harman/Kardon, Pioneer, Onkyo,

Denon, NAD, Kenwood, Sherwood, and pre-1980 Sansui.

TomB 01/03/2018.

That would depend on whether or not the person doing the listening was happy with the audio quality. Audio Quality is subjective and the only opinion that really matters is the person doing the listening.- The rest is all a bunch of "bragging rights".

- But as a rule, when it comes to audio equipment "Cheap" and "Decent" are not necessarily synonymous. You get what you pay for and "Cheap" speakers generally produce "Cheap" if you find cheap sound pleasing to your ears, buy cheap speakers.