What wattage to vape at?

David 01/02/2018. 5 answers
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A 3750mah battery at 3.7 volts and 24A. Coil is 0.3ohm. What wattage range should I vape at using this battery? I calculated 24A x 3.7v = 88.8w or less. Am I correct? This guy recommended to vape at 50 watts or less. Where is he getting the figures from? Please help?

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Mr. Un-couth 01/03/2018.

The guy recommended the Wattage that yields his personal preference for vaping with the battery and vape coil mentioned.. [3.7^2V/.3 Ohms) = 45.6 Watts < 50 Watts. I am not familiar with vaping coils but apparently the aroma (real or imagined different) of the vapor is dependent on the Wattage at which the vapor is manufactured at.

If the vape coil's resistance is fixed at .3 Ohms and for sure the internal resistance of the (any) battery increases with the percentage of Amp-hours used without recharging then the Wattage at which vaporization takes place must decrease as the battery is discharged.. Of course this theoretically means that the vapor's aroma is changing with the internal resistance of the battery being used for the vaping.. Using a battery with a variable terminal Voltage could possibly correct this problem as long as you are able to adjust the partially discharged batteries' load Voltage to the same as it was when the battery was fully charged.

Anonymous 01/03/2018.

What wattage you vape at largely depends on the coils you have in the tank or the coils you built. And then it depends on the temperature you like to vape at.

I like to vape my tanks at 40watts personally. my gf with the same mod, tank, and coil prefers 25watts

Given the milliamp hours of the battery it sounds like you are using a device with a built in battery.

sparky_dy 01/02/2018.

Whete the figures come from:

Ohms = Volts / Amps (Ohms Law)

Watts = Volts * Amps (Power Law)

Given any two of the four, you can find both the others.

Mr. Smartypants 01/02/2018.

24 amps is the maximum the battery can put out. But if you put a 3.7 volt battery across an 0.3 ohm load you get 12 1/3 amps, which is more realistic. 3.7 volts at 12.333 amps is 45 watts, which actually still sounds like a lot.

The wattage you vape at is a product of voltage and resistance. To control the wattage, to adjust it, you need to change either the voltage or the resistance. Some batteries have voltage controls on them. If you don't have one of these batteries then the whole thing is out of your hands--you can't change the wattage. If you do, then put the vape pen together with just the battery and the coil and see how much voltage it takes to get the filament red hot, and use that. Experiment with higher voltage (meaning higher wattages) to see if that works better.

billrussell42 01/02/2018.

24A x 3.7v = 88.8w

yes, that is correct. But it seems very high to me.

I = E/R = 3.7 / 0.3 = 12 amps. or 46 watts.

That is more reasonable. I think the 24 amps may be the max rating of the battery, which is not relevant here

I have no idea why "the guy" recommended a number.