Atheists, what would it take to prove to you that God is real?

Nancy Drew 01/01/2018. 96 answers
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Try to be specific, don’t just say “tangible evidence” tell me what the tangible evidence would be.

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daughtereponymous 01/01/2018.

prove all things for your self trust no one

Wa 01/03/2018.

There's proof God is made up. Bible claim God created earth 6000 years ago but history records human life existed on earth few hundred thousand years ago. How does the evidence of life on earth millions of years ago equate with the Bible claim that God created life on earth recently by comparison? Starting with a deep commitment to the inerrancy of God's Word, has calculated a span of just a few thousand years, most likely close to 6000 years, since creation. The age of the earth can be estimated by taking the first five days of creation (from earth’s creation to Adam), then following the genealogies from Adam to Abraham in Genesis 5 and 11, then adding in the time from Abraham to today. Adam was created on day 6, so there were five days before him. If we add up the dates from Adam to Abraham, we get about 2,000 years, using the Masoretic Hebrew text of Genesis 5 and 11.3 Whether Christian or secular, most scholars would agree that Abraham lived about 2,000 B.C. (4,000 years ago). Historians date Abraham's biblical story around 2000 B.C., based on clues in Genesis Chapters 11 through 25. So a simple calculation is: 5 days + 2000 years + 4000 years = 6000 years.

Caesar 01/02/2018.

Ask your god Nancy.... If he answer you what would it take to prove to me that god is real?.....I would be convinced....

You know God supposedly know what would it take to convince me is in your myths...your favorite version of god...but we know he wont answer your questions.... so you try to ask us because we are real... because you know your god will not answer ...your question that is my proof of his non existence, his believers don't trust him for anything....

Nancy what would it take to prove to you that Ahura Mazdā is real? Do you don’t believe, in Ahura Mazdā only because believing would change the way you have to live your live? Why would Ahura Mazdā need to bend over backwards to prove himself to you? Those questions sound reasonable or familiar to you Nancy? Be honest ....

Ahura Mazdā is the god of Zoroastrianism a religion that is on the fringe of the fringe of world religions, many religious scholars are convinced that the faith heavily influenced at least three of the world’s current major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam....

johnno 01/02/2018.

If you were to read John 6:44 and John 6:65 .. you would understand that nobody,

including yourself, can possibly seek Jesus or believe God exists unless they're

first drawn to faith by a Spiritual work of God the Father.

All this habitual hassling of atheists appearing here is ignorance of Jesus teaching.

(Not to mention His "greatest" commands - to "Love the Lord your God with all of

your heart, mind and strength" .. and "Love your neighbour as yourself".)

Steven 01/02/2018.

Nothing is certain in life.

antonius 01/02/2018.

That god would have to perform about 3 or 4 things that I would ask be done. When he is ready I will make my requests to him

Bulldog Drummond 01/01/2018.

Seven ranks of singing angels appearing over the Pasadena New Year's parade would do it for me.

Won for all 01/01/2018.

If someone doesn't want to be held accountable for their actions (sins), and they want to run their own lives, their own way, they will cling to anything that allows that belief. Show them a baby being born, the fallacies of evolution, and they have hardened their hearts to God... for now.

When we die, and find out who is right and who is wrong, it will be too late for any of us to change our decisions. We won't be able to unscramble that egg.

Pastor Ben Dover 01/01/2018.

They deny all the evidence because they want to sin

hugo61oi3 01/01/2018.

extraodinary claims need extraodinary evidence, not these bs prophecys that were sel fulfilled and explainable miracle healings (placebo)

the evidence is on the table and it isnt evidence at all

Live Long, and Prosper 01/01/2018.

Something big.

Like Barack flipping a coin on heads 100 times in a row. (no cheating)

Like for a whole day not one person on earth dies.

Like a huge fiery wheel in sky appears and says I am the lord your god.

don 01/04/2018.

No problems with any of the many gods kicking around town, but no religion is true.

jeffrcal 01/02/2018.

A message encoded in an irrational number.

Jason 01/02/2018.

Atheists have set the bar so high that no kind of proof will constitute a proof.

S.H. MacGyver 01/02/2018.

Why are you allowed to tell me what my standard is?

The problem with an unfalsifable claim like God, is that there's no way to try and falsify it.

If God is all knowing and all powerful then he's fully capable of knowing what would convince me and do it.

Nowpower 01/02/2018.

You could make a good start if you could show that prayer works; you know, prove that those who prayed or those they prayed for had different outcomes. That way we might be able to help all those starving or dying of curable illness we're about have on our hands while we shift more wealth to the wealthy.

Kerry 01/01/2018.

it would take a lot. i would have to see some miracles.. until then i cant

John 01/01/2018.

Atheists, what would it take to prove to you that God is real?

The question is ridiculous because the god fairy is no more likely than the Easter Bunny. There can never be evidence for a moronic childish fantasy like gods and easter bunnies.

Good without God 01/01/2018.

Appearing directly in front of me out of thin air. That is the easiest way to prove to each of us that he is real, it is a simple thing really and as he can divide his time between everything going on in the world it doesn't take him away from things.

If God truly wanted me to believe then he would show himself. I still would have the free will to not follow him, as I would but at least that question is truly answered.

Diogenes 01/01/2018.

I doubt there is a way to do that. I'm absolutely convinced God is a subjective mental phenomenon that Christians erroneously believe is real because they are influenced by the Bible's covert Aristotelian content. What would it take to convince a Christian that their subjective mental experiences, hallucinations really, are not evidence of God's objective existence?

somathus 01/01/2018.

I honestly don't know. Any technology sufficiently superior to ours would appear to be miraculous.

But an omnipotent god would know exactly what it would take to convince me and could do it easily any time it wants to.

Robert 01/03/2018.

What would prove God is real to me? This God getting his Finger out of his **** and ending the bitter Rivalry between different Religious Groups and Sects, and proving once and for all which Religion is the true Religion. But if he did exist he has probably abandoned Humanity to its fate considering all the Extremist Religious groups.

Solitary Wiccan 01/02/2018.

Physical evidence

Marie And Alan 01/02/2018.

A truly redeemed life lived out come Hell or high water may help

Viktor 01/01/2018.

In my opinion, all any atheist should really need as evidence that validates the existence of God is any evidence that makes scientific reasoning useless. For example, there's a paradox that is 'everything exists within the universe, so if the universe was created by a big bang, where did the bang take place?' essentially stating that there would either have to be a larger host universe or something scientifically unexplainable. Also, any evidence that corresponds with religious texts and teachings, and of direct godly contact. To sum it up, any evidence that not only counteracts scientific research, but also has no room for argument.

Hope that helps,

From an atheist

Chris 01/01/2018.

I was an astrophysics major, so I'd suggest having your alleged god rearrange the stars in the sky to spell out verses from his/her/its preferred holy text while maintaining stellar parallax.

While it doesn't rule out all other possibilities, if would be pretty darned impressive and worth listening to whatever was being said.

Tangi 01/01/2018.

You want us to tell you about something that is not vague? Then first define what your god is in a non vague manner. From that precise description, we can start to work on what could prove this thing's existence or inexistence.

Edit : Your definition is "a being more powerful than a human, in a supernatural way".

That's still very vague. If I tell you I want you to tell me how to prove the existence of a grulbuk and I tell you it's an object that is magically better than a giraffe, I expect you to ask me precise clarifications about what I mean by "magically" and what I mean by "better than a giraffe". Otherwise, you can't answer my question except in a generic and vague manner. And that's what I will do.

What does "more powerful than a human" mean? A horse or a bear are considered more powerful than, a human. Most computers are considered more powerful than a human. Some humans are more powerful than other humans. A power line is more powerful than a human. All those things are more powerful than a human in a different way because the word "power" is a loose concept.

Can you clarify that, please?

The interesting part is "in a supernatural way". That can be a start. You want to prove the existence of something supernatural. For that, you have to prove that the laws of nature are not being respected when they should be. Be careful not to confuse "this does not appear to respect the current model we have of the laws of nature" with "this does not respect the laws of nature".

If you do manage to prove that, then congratulation, you have proven the supernatural exists.

Now you have to prove that a being that is supernatural exists. Then, after defining what you mean by power, you will have to prove that this supernatural being achieves power (more than a human) through a way that does not obey the laws of nature. Then if you also attribute other characteristics to what a god is, you also have to prove them.

catbalou8 01/01/2018.

I will believe in god the day I see him on CNN, being interviewed by Anderson Cooper.

Fireball 01/01/2018.


Mephistopheles 01/03/2018.

If any god existed it would not need to prove it existed to anybody, we would all know it existed. So far none have revealed they exist.

Charlz 01/02/2018.

For him to appear in front of us, considering he's all powerful and that should be possible.

hal 01/02/2018.

The great thing for you is that there is nothing specific. All you or god would have to do is give me a solid reason to believe. Saying, "If you had faith, yoh would see that god is real" is just telling me that in order to believe I must first believe. This is stupid. Saying "I've felt/seen god's presence, effects, etc. in my life" will only lead me to ask you to prove that those events were definitely caused by a god.

Louise 01/02/2018.

My God Zeus is real, I know that cos he sends down lightning and thunder on a regular basis.

Doubting Like Thomas 01/01/2018.

The ability to RANDOMLY GUESS a ten-digit alphanumerical string is nigh on to impossible.

So, if you believe in a God which CARES whether or not I believe, and which ANSWER unselfish prayers, and which KNOWS All Things, make an unselfish prayer that your God would reveal unto thee the serial number of the $1 (USD) folded up under my stereo.

Post the number as an UPDATE. ( Anybody else want to help save an atheist, say the same sort of prayer, to whichever All-Knowing "Supernatural Being" you believe in, and post your revelation as a COMMENT.)

IF anybody post a string, I'll unfold the bill, and for the first time EVER, see what the # is.

First person to post an accurate answer, gets me as a convert to their Belief System.

People who simply give me a thumbs DOWN, please note: The QUESTION was about what it would take.

And this is my answer.

I'm not asking for winning lottery numbers, the death of anyone I consider to be "BAD", a cure for any disease.

It will take you less time to say the prayer, than it did to READ this far.

Ricardo 01/01/2018.

Any evidence that would not be laughed out of any legitimate court on this planet. And if you do not know what that is, get an education.

anonymous 01/01/2018.

Show himself

vorenhutz 01/01/2018.

what for, do you have some tangible evidence?

NEVER SUBMIT........ to evil 01/01/2018.

for me... after 40 years of being a strong atheist..... I had to reach the point where I knew I needed help that was beyond any available in mortal existence..... no living mortal can prove God to anyone.... nor can any book... or event of nature.... ALL proof of God must come from God.... through a one-on-one connection..... every one must come to God alone..... those of His Church can offer some assistance in getting started on The Way.... but is is a journey that must be completed alone........ when I came to know that I needed help that only God could give..... He was there for me... and offered me all the "proof" I needed.... I accepted what He offered.... and He accepted me....... May 6, 2000.... at the age of 53

Jaybird 01/01/2018.

Perhaps Thor and Odin are real also?

How about Quetzalcoatl from the Aztecs?

Which one is real or not real?

stephen 01/04/2018.

You have spelled athiests correctly with a capital 'A' because they are real - nobody doubts. You should spell god with a lower case letter, because the jury is out as to reality or otherwise. Hope this helps.

River Euphrates 01/02/2018.

A god.

mx. know it all 01/02/2018.

All hatred disappears and love prevails. That would do it for me.

Space Wasp 01/02/2018.

If you want specifics, you would first have to describe, inn detail, what you actually mean when you refer to "God".

BARKSALOT 01/02/2018.

Atheist What ( specific means or manner example tools or method or process ) would it take for another person to " PROVE " per the free dictionary Prove is to establish the truth or validity of ( something in this case a claim or proposition by argument or evidence ) also used to express the action of to DEMONSTRATE the REALITY of to SHOW to what is specified or have a certain characteristic ) that "God" is "REAL"

... the question , chose to use the term PROVE ... examining the use or definition of PROVE it already sets the Standard or conditions since the word PROVE implies to establish VALIDITY by ARGUMENT or EVIDENCE .. as well as Demonstration .. further the question presents the term "God" rather than "god" inferring the higher case "G" accepted and used by many to be a term or name for the "Biblical" god IDEA .

. addressing the word VALIDITY to show no inconsistency or deficiency when put to a TEST VALID to have a sound basis in logic or fact used to express what is asserted is able to withstand question or criticism or objection

term REAL... occurring in fact NOT imagined supposed or merely asserted .. is the man named Donald J Trump REAL . so to be viewed as REAL or apply that term it has a set of elements or defining characteristics to be applied are cars REAL . Houses phones rocks mountains

. for the simpleton .. there is a REASON they call REAL ESTATE "REAL" ..

. the word "IDEA " any conception a product of the mental process ..

. a PROPOSITION a statement or assertion that expresses a judgement or opinion presented to be considered or accepted ( PROPOSAL ) a fancy way of saying "IF" on the condition that ..

. review of history the term HERESY a system put place by person in a state of power to make it ILLEGAL , a CRIME or an OFFENSE , and PUNISHABLE to express any information , fact discoveries that which can be demonstrated or arguments presented that CONTRADICT what the ORTHODOXY asserted or taught .

.. this practice was not limited to religion .. A physician named Ignaz Semmelwel ( Austrian Vienna hospitals ) (1847) did experiments and had data showing that the use of chlorinated limes solution HAND WASHING between patients reduced the mortality rate during of birthing women to 1 % ( germ theory bacteria infections ) the "ORTHODOXY" of the day were so offended by the demonstration ( that they physicians were spreading the infection causing the deaths ) they declared him "INSANE" incarcerated in an Asylum and beaten to death within 2 weeks by guards for speaking out

... so the term God bible version IDEA is a PROPOSAL ... he who asserts have the burden of PROOF .... take each claim in the bible and VALIDATE it as in TEST it under controlled conditions and get a constant repeatable demonstration . that another person can duplicate

. Semmelwel did have the DATA and the reoccurring consistent demonstration direct cause & EFFECT which could be repeated by any other person ....I would have accepted his evidence ..

. germ theory was later confirmed by the work of Louise PASTEUR and Joseph Lister a FRENCH microbiologist (1865)...

. what theist & religions present are PERSONIFIED IDEA proposal proposition presented and ASSERTED ..

.. but NO INDEPENDENT of mere human assertion SELF EVIDENT GOD ..

. what one has to date is an IDEA an assertion presented for consideration and adoption . but insufficient demonstration for me to accept it "to be the case "

I will present a discrepancy or contradiction from the bible itself the author writes Exodus 9

Killing of the Live stock that "God" Killed ALL of the Egyptians horses donkey Camels sheep goats livestock...

. later the author writes Pharaoh ( an egyptian ) with his Army of HORSE drawn chariots placing a officer in each of them pursued the Hebrews with HIS ( egyptian ) HORSES and Chariots .( specifically identifying a number of 600) Exodus 14..

so either the first statement is FALSE or the second statement is FALSE .. the claim that the GOD killed ALL of the Egyptian Live stock specifically HORSES Camel Donkey so on

how is it possible that the Pharaoh a Egyptian would have 600 HORSE drawn chariots and CARVERY to pursue the Hebrews.. the statement was ALL of their horses DIED then describes the parting of the SEA the Egyptian enter with its HORSES with Chariots & CARVERY (army on HORSE back ) were Killed ...

. so people have read that story through out the ages and possibly many times . yet accept the story as TRUE .. but has a OBVIOUSLY two contradicting statements .

. Now reading that story it also says none of the Israelite Livestock horses donkey camels or sheep , and goats were Killed ..

so apparently they SOJOURNED or Sojourner ( lived as a temporary resident also means NEIGHBOR ) so the story tell me they built separate housing ( mud Brick ) , had TOOLS or knives to Slaughter their live stock .. freedom to tend their flock Mobility of horse and donkey and camel ...

. so what was the "SLAVERY " part .. the book gives mention of a conversation of pharaoh and Moses ( exodus 12 ) about where Pharaoh states GO and worship the "god: you have Requested.. and the Israelite Plundered the Egyptians ( gold silver & clothing ) .

Prior to this Moses lives with the Midians married a Midian Father in law is a Priest of the Midian RELIGION who worship Baal Peor and ASHERAH ( asteroth) queen of the heavens and even Yahweh

excavation show even HATHOR with figurines of a male bearded god Moses also KILLS all the Midian males, keeps the VIRGIN women 32,000 as Prisoners of war SLAVES People he spent 40 years with but not the Moabites

.. As to the Egyptians and Israelite or Hebrews the story which contradict the notion of SLAVERY OWNERSHIP of a person as property in the exodus story to engage in physical toil without compensation . but because one is property .. but rather ... the Egyptians had a Belief system . different than the Israelite or what MOSES wanted to impose upon them .... later some engage in making a golden calf a clear reference to EGYPTIAN APIS BULL WORSHIP

, what does Moses do BEHEADS SLAUGHTERS KILLS 3000 of the HEBREWS . . hence IMPOSING on those people what they HAVE to BELIEVE and what to worship ..... the very same thing Moses was claiming to rebel against . forcing people as what to worship ..and Moses clams HIS god commands him to KILL those who do not worship "His " god IDEA ...

. but you can keep the women as SEX slaves

the original CHARGE was that Midian women SEDUCED the Israelite to worship Baal Peor , yet they were alright to keep alive as Slaves ...but you SOLVED the problem by killing the Male Midians ( eye roll ) I Wait the claim is the women were bad Evil and SEDUCED Israelite to worship Baal peor

.. where is the biblical reference where the Egyptians KILLED people for their religious Ideas ... who's Country were they sojourning in for 430 years ? EGYPTIANS ..

. and they went there due to a DROUGHT the DROUGHT lasted 430 YEARS ? so could not the God make it RAIN in 430 Years apparently it rained in Egypt

so is there a Record it did not Rain in Canaan or Is ISRAEL or from where they came for 430 YEARS please present that evidence ....

. so what was the INQUISITION Killing people who did not believe what the Orthodox IMPOSED

Crusades Kill people who do not Believe what you believe

1933 Hitler Kill those who do not ascribe what your pushing and deem them UNFIT and elimination by execution Hitler stated he was adopting USA policy actually got that from the USA Buck vs BELL ( 1927 ) the RIGHT of the State to Sterilize or eliminate those persons they deemed UNFIT

Buck vs Bell provided people in authority to wrote laws to sterilize mentally ill the physically impaired native Americans people of color as COMPULSORY with out consent against peoples will as if people were OWN and property of the state ( SLAVES )

the bibles says the god controlled the rain remember the story of the GREAT FLOOD so a 430 year flood so if it rained say after a year the Hebrews could have said thanks for the hospitality and left

.. tells you something about the ability of certain humans to CONDITION people NOT to QUESTION

bluebellbkk 01/02/2018.

Obviously it would have to be something stupendous and unimaginable.

Darkside Johnny 01/02/2018.

As the true meaning of "atheist" is to "deny the gods", I don't think proof of God is necessary. Unfortunately science is there "god", for most of them, whether they realize it or not.

Shirma3 01/02/2018.

You can't prove God exist but you can't prove he doesn't exist either.

GodsLOL 01/01/2018.

Not sure, but if there is an omniscience god, it would know, and if it's omnipotent, it could provide it.

If you believe your god to be both omniscient and omnipotent, why hasn't it provided me with sufficient evidence?

Jea 01/01/2018.

Anything would be a start. Evidence accumulates until it becomes enough to be convincing.

The fact that there is absolutely no evidence to indicate any of the thousands of proposed gods is more convincing that there is no such thing as a god.

So start with what you have, and add good evidence to it until it is convincing.

You've a long way to go.

Pheby 01/04/2018.

Bring a god.

Triggered Dakotaraptor 01/02/2018.

I would have to see God for myself. Otherwise I don't believe at all.

Cara 01/02/2018.

When bad things in the world like terrorism, disease, homophobia, racism etc. stop happening, then I might consider believing in a god.

ALL HAIL JESUS! 01/02/2018.

How about this.... let each of them put an Origin of Species, a Koran, a Book of Mormon, a NWT (JW book) and a Holy Bible together.... pour gasoline on them and set them on fire.

If the Holy Bible is the only one to not burn up, they must fall on their faces and worship the Lord, my God.

I doubt any of them will do it because they are all too cheap to go buy the books or the gasoline.

If they do, and the Holy Bible is not so much as singed.... (like the burning bush that was in front of Moses)... some will still make an excuse for it.... saying some 'natural' element kept it from being burned. Even if someone was to rise from the dead they wouldn't believe.

Pixel 01/01/2018.

For me, I would need Jesus to come down from space to have a talk. That simple.

Abdul Malik Ishak 01/01/2018.

Kindness and wisdom.

ramesh 01/01/2018.

God is one. He is the father of all souls (we are brothers) in the world, Supreme soul (point of light present in soul world - Golden reddish region above universe). Souls are immortal comes down to earth to play its role in drama cycle. Soul a tiny star, present in the center of the forehead can experience a connection with the Supreme Soul by thoughts.

Golden Age (Satyuga):( Heaven1) Only 900000 souls to start with. All are Soul Consciousness & happy, have the Power to adjust, tolerate, discriminate, judge, face, Pack-up, Withdraw, Co-operate. Everything (house, dress, flights, roads etc) is made up of gold here. No lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Child were born through transfer of soul power.

Silver Age (Thretha yuga):( Heaven2) It is similar to Golden age, but gold is replaced by Silver. The people who lived in Golden age and Silver age are called Deities.People are worshipping them, but they are also living among them after rebirth.Also weather is not too cold or hot. Heaven (1 Kingdom, 1 religion, 1 language, Max population : 330000000) is the Gods gift to good souls .

Copper Age (Dwabara yuga) and IRON Age (Kaliyuga) - Hell : Soul conscious to body conscious. Peoples sin (actions out of lust, Anger,greed, attachment,ego etc) converts heaven to hell, The soul loses its purity and experience sorrow.The peoples from heaven also take part after rebirth. Many languages, Many religions.

God comes to earth in old body and makes (3300 million) people worthy to live in heaven through spritual knowledge (remaining souls will be resting in soul world) .End of world through destuction - All souls go back to soul world and the same drama repeats again.

God - Bhagvad gita - Brahmakumaris

jimmy 01/01/2018.

Some factual evidence may help. Your bible is evidence of nothing. It's a book of faith not a book of fact.

Anonymous 01/01/2018.

There is nothing you could ever say or do to prove anything to them. Their problem is that they won't believe - not that they can't.

To acknowledge God would require that they submit to him. No can do. They'll embrace delusion to prevent that from ever happening.

pat c 01/01/2018.

One simple thing. God just needs to reveal himself to the world. That would end all arguments. It won't happen, but that would be proof.

LOVE 01/03/2018.

They knew that God is real but just pretending it don't exist.

Bob 01/03/2018.

Look directly in your heart

IronicallyStupid 01/02/2018.

I would like him to reveal himself to me in prayer, as he has done for so many who claim similar. I am still waiting.

I did it with conviction, so you can't say I didn't really try. Maybe I wasn't quite desperate enough to mentally flip?

It shouldn't be this hard to know the creator of the universe personally, as so many again claim.

I'm totally serious though. I would like him to clearly reveal himself specifically. I sometimes wonder whether positive effects in my life beyond my control were direct intervention, or just wishful thinking.

Hercules 01/02/2018.

I don’t know. If you can satisfactorily resolve the problem of natural evil, then I may have a chance of working it out

Biker 01/02/2018.

They deny Gods existence so they can sin all they want.

Marion 01/01/2018.

It doesn't help by asking the same kind of questions over again on this site. I'm christian and even if know that.

Skeletor 01/01/2018.


Vincent G 01/01/2018.

One properly documented event that clearly violated the laws of nature, in a manner that shows deliberate intention. In other words, a real miracle, one that cannot be just a random event that could be rare but still statistically plausible.

Got that?

You want an example? 24 hours of no one dying on the planet. Zero death. If you thing this would upset that balance of nature, "god" is allowed to have more people die in the following day to make up for it. But 24 hours of no death anywhere on the planet. That would be both statistically impossible due to random chance, and would really show something in action, with people with terminal cancer getting an unexplainable day of life.

If you cannot arrange that with "god", how about growing back an amputee's limb? How about a reduction of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere down to pre-industrial level?

Now mine: what proof would convince YOU that there isn't a god?

I am asking because we do have proof (that is why we are atheists) but understanding some of those demonstrations may require an intellectual level and education that escapes most commoner, so what would YOU understand?

jpopelish 01/01/2018.

It would take the same sort of thing

that it would take

to convince me

that any other hypothetical thing

was real.

When someone comes up with a way

to measure the presence and properties

of any hypothetical god,

and everyone gets about the same results

from those measurements,

regardless of what they believe,

then I'll add whatever is measurable

to my mental model of reality.

This is pretty simple,

unless the hypothetical God,

that you are imagining,

is not actually real..



John Popelish

STEVAN 01/01/2018.

video evidence or perhaps just his voice recorded

Candelabrum 01/03/2018.

Why do you care what atheists think? Can't you go about your believer business and let the nonbelievers go about their nonbelieving business?

Freethinking Liberal 01/02/2018.

Evidence, just evidence. Just like any other claim.

Apollenaire 01/01/2018.

If he walked up to me with my father (who passed 8 years ago).

GuantanamoGeorge 01/01/2018.

Show me a person with a missing limb and ask God to grow it back on the spot. Prayer works, doesn't it?

Riley 01/01/2018.

Falsifiable evidence that is testable, demonstratable, independently verifiable and applicable. In other words scientific evidence.

God appearing before me wouldn't count, hallucinations aren't evidence. Miracles are just mass hallucinations. Personal feelings don't count. A single book full of contradictions doesn't count.

Anonymous 01/01/2018.

But does anyone really believe the whole story where - Angel visited Mary and told her this invisible God in the sky got her knocked up. Clearly Joseph pulled out and didn't think it was possible that he was daddy!!!...??

Bill 01/01/2018.

Tangible evidence: Standing in front of me. in person or whatever form he takes.

poldi2 01/01/2018.

Something that can be seen, tested, verified by independent observers.

Some event or situation, observed by many different people with different instruments and verified to be real, that can ONLY be explained by the existence of God.

The problem is theists use vague statements and invalid assumptions as "proof":

"The Earth is perfectly suited for life" - life evolved here so of course "here" is perfectly suited for our life. If we evolved on Mars that would be perfectly suited for life.

"A watch has a watchmaker, the universe must have a creator" - assumption, not proof.

"Its obvious God exists" - no, it is assumed by believers. They believe God exists, so everything around is proof for them that he exists.

Owen 01/01/2018.

I don't have to tell you you just have to produce it

Broton 01/04/2018.

Something that only a god could do, in front of a number of witnesses or even the whole world. Like using stars to write a message in the sky for example

TequillaX127 01/02/2018.

simple proof is the mind and the body are one. the mind has disposition, while the body has behavior. if you have the disposition of a good person by practicing christianity, it is shown in your behaviors.

the peace of the country is proof enough.


psychology and sociology are science.

edward 01/02/2018.

proof. Show their presence

Sofia 01/02/2018.


Grinning Football plinny younger 01/02/2018.

Someone goes to Lourdes and a missing limb reappears and I see it happen, not just over the net.

wombatfreaks 01/02/2018.

Herd to say, but certainly it would be some kind of verifiable , tangible proof, such as the physical presence of gods, or some kind of action or event that could only be explained by the existence of gods

Anonymous 01/01/2018.

I’m not an atheist, but I can tell you the belief in God would not be a BELIEF if one had PROOF of God’s existence. It would be KNOWLEDGE.

Sookey 01/01/2018.

If all the drought-stricken areas in the world were suddenly filled with lush plants ready for harvest, enough to feed all the people who were starving, I'd probably believe that something supernatural happened. There would be no way of knowing which particular god did it, but that's something beyond what any earthly power can do.

Your god, however, can't seem to do anything more difficult than put his face on random pieces of toast.

Mandrake 01/01/2018.

A logically sound and valid argument which concludes that God exists, or which concludes that God is logically or metaphysically necessary to explain an event or phenomenon that we agree has occurred.

Now that I have told you precisely what you would need to give me, now you know precisely what you WON'T give me. Even if you had it, you wouldn't give it to me.

Ben 01/03/2018.

If the SCS sale ends, I'm convinced.

white 01/03/2018.

For a Deistic or Pantheistic God very difficult to prove within reasonable doubt.

I don’t really like these questions because it’s about faith and deeply personal reasons, but if you’re asking honestly I’ll try to answer honestly.

For a Theistic or Polytheistic God ( a god which interacts with us ) then I wouldn’t ask for some huge scientific projects, mathematical equation or miraculous intervention. Jesus is said to have arrived as a simple prophet, not a king or philosopher. So if someone could prove the POWER OF PRAYER. Then I’d be far more susceptible to listening. It’s a simple test which wouldn’t require vast resources and would not only prove to a reasonable degree the supernatural, but would enable us to pinpoint which God was real or not

As a sceptic I know not only Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence is wrong but is actually a misquote

Nikki 01/02/2018.

it stands to reason that as such wondrous creatures of these exist, that even a "god" could exist.

it would be a possibility;

but, if i have to chose between the two, look who is so cute and cuddly.

Goldy Aluminy 01/02/2018.

If someone tells me that they are a god, I would ask them why they think they are a god. It is more likely the guy has illusions of grandeur and belongs in a mental hospital.

You think that your god is real and all other cultures are wrong? I would say that is wishful thinking on your part. You are deluded.

John 01/02/2018.

God is real

Atheist Anthony 01/02/2018.

An experiment showing a strong positive result for the power of intercessory prayer would be good.

But we've already tried that, and the result is no different to praying to a brick.

Pi 01/01/2018.

Which one?

The Godfather's Daughter 01/01/2018.

All over the world, at the exact same time, in every language on Earth, a voice is heard coming from every electronic device - radios, televisions, computers, smartphones, etc - on Earth. It says 'Hello, I am God, and I am here to help and support you".....

kate 01/01/2018.

I’ve thought about this a bit and honestly? I’m not completely sure. I don’t feel like it’s really necessary to know for certain if there is a god because I don’t know for certain NOW. I’m just going with the data that I’ve come across.

Have you ever learned something and felt like you just had this amazing epiphany, only to have it not be a really big deal later on? I feel like any scenario I create that is “evidence” for god would be kind of like that. It would all be mindblowing, but I can’t guarantee in any of them that it would change my life and I would become a believer.

But this is why I don’t really set these boundaries up. I just read and talk to people and if, in the future, something comes along that convinces me, then that’s ok with me. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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