How to remember math work?

Anonymous 01/01/2018. 17 answers
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Every time I learn something new in math class I always forget, I have to relearn everything. It’s so frustrating, I need help :(

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Jeffrey K 01/03/2018.

Math should not be memorization. If you understand a rule or concept, it should make sense logically. Then you can't forget it. So try to understand a formula or rule. Don't memorize it.

mrs 01/03/2018.

no sir

N*** 01/03/2018.

Honestly, I understand the struggle. Ever since I got into Calculus, I have been doing bad. What helps me is practice and having a tutor. Power on, my friend!

The Person 01/02/2018.

The true way to remember math work is to actually like it.

Jim Moor 01/02/2018.

To remember requires 2 things:


Get at least 8 hours sleep. If not, you lose that percentage. 6hrs = 75%, so why waste your time?


I review after 1 day, then 1 week, then every month until mastered.


Fred 01/02/2018.

Keep practicing it so you don't forget.

az_lender 01/02/2018.

I don't agree with DWRead that learning the proofs and derivations is the key to remembering the rules. My opinion is that remembering the rules will come naturally if you do a lot of practice problems (which are usually APPLYING the rules rather than proving the rules). I'm not saying it's "bad" to learn proofs and derivations, but that sort of thing is not very important at the secondary-school level.

DWRead 01/02/2018.

If you are trying to memorize rules, it's not good enough. To really understand them, you have to be able to prove or derive them.

Lola 01/02/2018.

As soon as you learn it, practise it once every two weeks or so to keep it fresh in your memory. Maths is simply just the same thing with different numbers. The more you do practise questions the easier it becomes. Eventually you will no longer need to practise it to remember it

Como 01/02/2018.

Keep practising.

CRANE 01/03/2018.

do give 10 minutes time to revision

christiana 01/03/2018.

The only way to learn and get familiar with maths is a lot of practice... Otherwise take multivitamins like memorex and other memory stimulants ;-)

Yang 01/02/2018.

Take notes and keep practicing until you get them.

nbsale 01/02/2018.

When we first learn something and understand it, it's easy to remember for a short time. That's called retaining it in short-term memory. To really learn something well, it has to be moved into long-term memory, and that takes frequent repetition over an extended period of time. That's why people are recommending that you practice a lot. It's not that you learn it any better, it's that you are grooving the brain pathways in long-term memory where it will be retained for a longer period of time. If I tell you that 24 times 26 = 624, you will remember that 5 minutes from now, but not tomorrow. If I tell you that 3 times a day for a week, you will remember it for a long time.

We retain things better the more we focus our attention on it, and concentrate. That's why it's a bad habit to do homework in front of the TV, or while listening to distracting music. Some music allegedly can help; Mozart is supposed to be good to study by. But hard rock probably isn't.

It's also said that studying just before bedtime helps. I think your subconscious works on what you studied and that helps you retain it.

So if you are learning something that has a lot of different theorems and problems, like calculus or analytic geometry, what you can do is to make a set of cards with the theorems and some problems as you go along, during the entire semester. They don't have to be complicated, just illustrate how to work the problems. Every week, you should review ALL of the material you've covered up to that point. Don't wait until 2 days before the final to start reviewing. Then, when the final comes along, all of the material will be relatively fresh in your mind, as well as retained in long-term memory. If you don't do that, when you get to the final exam, what you learned in the first 2 weeks of the class might be gone.

This is why cramming for a final may help you pass, but isn't as good at helping you learn. Cramming puts the material into short-term memory, where you can regurgitate it on the final, but a week later it may be gone. Then the next math class will be tougher because much of the short-term memory will have evaporated.

? 01/02/2018.

There are some things worth deriving instead of memorizing, for example, in trigonometry. Know the basic identities and derive the rest, or at least work through the derivations yourself on paper.

Massimo 01/02/2018.

Try to revise regularly and you will be fine.

Anonymous 01/02/2018.

It's OK. The more you try to remember it, the harder it will be instead.

Just write a short note to list important things you need, because i'm also pretty sure almost no one even capable or even feel the need to remember all of those math formulas anyway.