Is someone born in 1993 old?

amy 12/31/2017. 20 answers
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20 Answers

Anonymous 12/31/2017.

An idiot. Not old.

marchhare57 01/05/2018.

I was born in 1943 so born in 1993 would still be a child to me.

darling 01/04/2018.

Age isn't real

Ben. 01/03/2018.

only 25 this year, that's not old....

I was born in 1993...

Anonymous 01/02/2018.

Thumbs up if you're a 93-er!

kelvin 01/01/2018.

nowhere near old

rick29148 01/01/2018.

Heavens NO !! My beautiful twin baby girls are 36 !!

Patricia 12/31/2017.

I hope not, because i was born in 1957

Patrisha M 12/31/2017.

Someone born in 1993 would be 24. I don't see why somebody would think 24 is old. My guess is the only people that worry about being "old" in their 20s are the ones that want to stay children or be treated like children for the rest of their life. It doesn't work that way. You have to grow up sometime.

John P 01/03/2018.

I must be antediluvian - born in 1946!

Jennifer 01/02/2018.

I was born in 93 and I would say I do not feel old... Yet

Jory 01/01/2018.

October 22nd

Invisible 01/01/2018.

24? No!

alex 12/31/2017.

Nope, that is fairly young. I am 19 and have friend born around that time

hello me 12/31/2017.


Starloser88 01/02/2018.

they are probably like 30 so no they are just middle aged working class people.

Gert 01/01/2018.

No. They'll be 25 this year...just a pup.

lovetolovetolove 01/01/2018.

A baby

Gary B 12/31/2017.

Ask themifthey feel old

nothin 2 lose 12/31/2017.