What age do people normally stop playing video games?

Kevin Alcantara 12/31/2017. 23 answers
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Mike 01/03/2018.

Probably until they get arthritis.

Alijah 01/02/2018.

Can't really say. There is massive range in the ages of adults who still play video games.

Bert 01/02/2018.


owen 01/01/2018.

Usually at 13 when music.aly becomes the world

MrsSpyro01 01/01/2018.

There’s no age limit to video games. I still play them. Although, I don’t play M rated games. I prefer the more kid friendly E and E10+ rated games.

Naomi 01/01/2018.

My dad's 52 and he still plays video games (which of course he started way back in the Atari days). You're never too old for them :)

Aarj 12/31/2017.

Video games would soon be an accepted art form.

Sellophane 12/31/2017.

When they want to. Age is not a factor.

Jacob Sartorius 12/31/2017.

never. if you love it, you wont stop intill a long time. im 14 and i started when i was about 8. my sister is 16 and she started when she was 5. not even kidding. my sister and i love playing video games. if your like between 20-40 yrs old and you love gaming, then you prolly wont stop until awhile

ali 01/05/2018.

No age limit

Derek 01/03/2018.

Your never to old for video games

Stephanie 01/03/2018.

It depends

Unknown Name 01/02/2018.

Never. My parents ages 49 and 56 play Xbox videos games every other night. They play gears of war 4, halo....and they play online with other people, the oldest guy they play online with is in his 70’s!! They often play from 5pm-8pm most nights. So there’s no age frame I’m aware of but I guess maybe once people graduate high school or college and get jobs and get busy with families or careers, they stop playing because they Don’t have time.

Billy 01/01/2018.

The anchors and Deutsch agreed that playing games in your 40s was "weird." "When you're 30, there should be something more on your mind than video games, that's it," Deutsch said. (See above video.) But why should you stop gaming at 30, 40 or any age for that matter?

Anonymous 01/01/2018.

Depends on the person. You're either born a video gamer or not.

Lynda 12/31/2017.

NEVER!!! I will only stop when you pry my controller from my cold dead fingers :-)

Emothic Von Hellsing 12/31/2017.

There is a youtube channel were an 80ish year grandma plays Elder Scrolls Skyrim on the PC.

ForeverFREE 12/31/2017.

in the US never. No age limit.

AdamTheAtheist 01/02/2018.

There is none. Video games are for everyone. I am 25 and I still play video games. I am writing this from my PS4.

Carlos 01/02/2018.

It not a factor anymore and older generations grew up on video games and still play on PC games , Phones , Gaming Consoles , Tablets while that more females are play video games and gaming is a professional competitive sport by some people play

Spaceboy 01/01/2018.

At what age do people stop playing video games? I don't know. At what age do people stop reading books; watching movies; and listening to music? Video games aren't for children, most of the well respected games such as Metal Gear Solid; Fallout; and Halo are aimed adults. In fact most people who look down on video games and gamers are either old people who are out of touch; women who don't understand interactive media; or religious nuts who think video games are of the devil. I see movie buffs discussing the the plot to films like Inception and BladeRunner. These people would have a brain aneurysm trying to understand the plot to Metal Gear Solid or the lore behind Fallout. Game on my, friend, game on until the day you die!

puffin57 12/31/2017.

There is no age. Video games are just an entertainment form at the end of the day, in the same way as things like tv or film. You don't stop watching those simply because you have reached a certain age, the same goes for games.

Similarly think of board games. We play those forever, there us no age limit on those either.

I'm in my 40s and have played video games since I was in my 20s. I plan on stopping when one if the main physical faculties that allow me to play fail me. Hopefully that won't be till I'm well into my 90s!

Vaughn 12/31/2017.

GAme ez life mon