Can I use a Laptop as a desktop?

Justin 12/31/2017. 7 answers
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Hey guys. I saw this cool photo on Pinterest the other day and it got me thinking: Can you hook a laptop up to a curved screen monitor, while its connected to a wireless keyboard and mouse so that that when you close the laptop while its on, You can use your keyboard and mouse to do everything through the big screen?

7 Answers

ari 01/01/2018.

If your laptop has a VGA port on the side of it yes you can

MIKE 12/31/2017.

yes you can do that pretty easily. All you need are 3 things:

1. an HDMI cable - they range from $15 (or lower) to expensive, the cheapest one is good enough. This is actually all you'd need because #2 & 3 is already on your laptop which is the keyboard and mouse.

Make sure the bigscreen also has an HDMI port

Crim Liar 12/31/2017.

Yup not a problem. I commonly use a blutooth keyboard and track pad while screen sharing (wirelessly) between devices, though I can connect a HDMI too if I need to.

*All my devices even the cheapish phone that I now use will screenshare back and forth (confuses the hell out of my partner).

Bill 12/31/2017.

Yes. You may need to adjust the power settings so the laptop stays on when the lid is closed, or you can use the laptop screen and the monitor at the same time.

keerok 12/31/2017.

Yes you can connect the laptop to a monitor. Some even have docking stations. The main problem however is that laptops overheat when used for long periods of time. They're just not built to last forever. That's the huge advantage of the desktop. You can turn them on and leave them running continuously for months.

Daniel 12/31/2017.

Very simple actually.

Step 1) Connect your monitor to power and then connect either an HDMI cable from the laptop to the monitor or Display Port.

Step 2) Configure the settings so that when the laptop is closed you can still use the monitor, or configure it as a duel monitor setup.

And that's it! One thing you have to consider however is that if your monitor/laptop carries only VGA and the other doesn't, you're in trouble. The way you can fix that is use wither a different monitor or buy an HDMI to VGA adapter usually made by Insignia (depending on where you live).

jhonny 12/31/2017.

Yes that is possible, you can use a hdmi cord or a vga cord to hook up your monitor, and then configure settings on your laptop to keep it running while it is shut