Loud pop from TV, but no lasting damage. What happened?

Nunya 12/31/2017. 6 answers
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I have a Vizio flat-screen TV that is about 3-4 years old. I was just now using it when I suddenly heard a loud pop, the screen turned rainbow static, and after a few seconds the TV turned itself off. I was able to turn it back on immediately with no visible problems. What happened?

6 Answers

spacemissing 01/03/2018.

It's impossible to know what happened without examining the TV in person,

and even then the cause might not be obvious.

If you are concerned about it, take it to a TV repair shop.

Otherwise, just use it.

Robert 01/03/2018.

Could be psu electrolytic cap or any transient surge suppressor. Other answers describe the capacitor so l would discribe the transient suppressor. On old CRT TV's this component was in a white plastic ribbed housing with 2 small holes in the top. With lower operating power I do not know what type of component is used now. Surge suppression could be carried out using a varistor which looks like a larger thicker disc ceramic capacitor but usually marked with a juole rating instead of capacitance.

RichB 01/02/2018.

Maybe an electrolytic capacitor in the power supply exploded, however you should also get a puff of smoke and an acrid smell when this happens.

If the "pop" was actually from the loudspeaker, then it may just have been a weird hardware glitch or software crash.

khalil 12/31/2017.

i think the second filter capacitor of the B+ of the t-con board had a leakage so burst...

the electronic fuse acted to shut off the tv to protect the power supply ...

unplug the the tv .. remove back cover .. look carefully to find it ..
[ Wikimedia.org Link ]

the left one was burst

dove 12/31/2017.

power surge?

JJ 12/31/2017.

That was the warranty control, which prevents things from breaking while the warranty is in effect. When it senses that the warranty has expired, it blows itself up.