How come I didnt get a hangover?

abby 12/31/2017. 12 answers
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The first time I drank I had like 4 shots, and a mikes hard. Im only like 5’3, but I woke up the next day and felt fine? I was really drunk that night. I’m just confused. I also had a really empty stomach that night .

12 Answers

Heretic 01/02/2018.

Indicates you are still healthy and fit. Keep doing it, it will wear you down.

Art 01/01/2018.

4 shots and a mikes? over how many hours. If it is six hours or more you never became legally drunk.

6 shots and a mikes you would understand the word hangover (that is if you could keep it down).

Mow if you had done the mikes and those 4 shots in an hour, you would have had a hangover before you went to bed.

donald mcfall 01/01/2018.

A hangover usually is a result to a inflated alchol consumption level, your liver filters out most of the alchol thats consumed but like most things in the body like the eyes and muscles it becomes weakened and unable to filter out the toxins the alchol has. When to much alchol enters the blood stream into the brain it causes the brain to pressure the fluids surrounding it to clash making one feel hung over, its a mixture of both alchol qnd brainial fluids mixed together in the cranium that render a hung over feeling.

Salt and Peppy 01/01/2018.

Why the random height information? What does that have to do with anything?

Anyway, alcohol affects people differently. Some get hangovers, and some do not. Be glad you didn't.

Anonymous 12/31/2017.

To me, a "shot" is just a small amount. I have no idea what a "mikes hard" is so I don't really know how much you drank. It doesn't sound very much though. I used to know people who could drink ten pints of beer (at least 20 units of alcohol) night and be fine the next day.

What has your height got to do with it?

Added, a person's height (or weight) has NO effect on how easily they get drunk. I knew a girl years ago who was very small (less that five feet) and petite and she could drink anyone under that table!

Bree 12/31/2017.

If u drank alot of water that day then thats why. Nobody realizes it bc alot of ppl dont like water but ppl get hungover bc alcohol dehydrates you.

Melissa 12/31/2017.

Because 4 shots is barely drinking anything at all.

Evelyn 12/31/2017.

A lot of it depends on how hydrated your body is. That's why the key to not getting a hangover is drinking a lot of water before drinking alcohol. If you start off well-hydrated, your body can handle more alcohol without dehydrating your body and causing a hangover.

An empty stomach or full stomach doesn't matter either... unless you eat a lot of salty things. That can also add to the dehydration.

Mike M. 12/31/2017.

Those are like the unicorn nights of drinking, that has happened to me like once or twice. I'm not an expert at all, but I think there could be some specific biochemical part of it you didn't realize.

nickelodeon19990 12/31/2017.

Lucky is what you are.

STEPHEN 01/01/2018.

Four shots and a glorified soft drink wouldn't give anyone a hangover.

What is "like 4 shots"? Can't you just say "I had 4 shots"?

TheBansheeofBebop 12/31/2017.

You were lucky. Hangovers are grim.