How do I get refills on a no refill prescription?

Jaded Mermaid 12/31/2017. 12 answers
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I'm on pain meds I got from my doctor that says "No refills" on the bottle but I only have a few left and I'm definitely going to need more of them.

Do I have to make another appointment at the doctors to get a refill?

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Edna 01/01/2018.

If you have a regular doctor whom you see most of the time and he's the doctor who wrote the original prescription, usually you can just phone his office and ask that he write you a new prescription and phone it in to your pharmacy, and he will do it.

I have a prescription for sleeping tablets. That is a "controlled" medication and a prescription can be written for only 3 refills. It can be refilled each time only on a 30-day basis. (I'm not able to get all 3 refills at one time). A couple of days before the 3-month prescription expires, I phone the doctor's office and ask him to write a new 3-month prescription, and he phones it in to my pharmacy. I don't have to go back to the doctor's office in order to get a new prescription written.

Garrett 12/31/2017.

Usually you just call the doctor's office and get a refill. I have one that every 3 months has to be refilled that way since it is not allowed by law to be a refillable prescription. But have been taking it for 4 years.

Tarkarri 12/31/2017.

Yes. You need to se your doctor and et a new prescriptuon if thdoctor thinks it v is needed.

β™₯β™₯β™₯ π’΄π‘œπ“Š π’’π‘œ 𝒒𝒾𝓇𝓁 β™₯β™₯β™₯ 12/31/2017.

If it is a rno refill you have to call your doctor office to request for a refill

Patricia 12/31/2017.

Yes you have to make another appointment. Doctors need to see you before they can prescribe narcotics/controlled substances. I believe it's become a law.

audrey 12/31/2017.

Yes. Getting refills of pain meds is getting VERY difficult since whatever idiot started the "opioid epidemic" crap.

72dolphins 12/31/2017.

The Doctor has to approve the prescription to be filled, the pharmacy will automatically call your physician if you try to request a refill and are out and they will say yes or no and give a reason why. More often than not they will just call you back and say that you need to schedule an appointment to get another refill. Sometimes the doctor will simply approve it.

nbsale 12/31/2017.

Call the pharmacy and ask them to contact the doctor to authorize refills. If the doctor is OK with it, you won't have to make an appointment. Many Rx's these days are handled electronically or over the phone.

Or you can call the doctor and ask him to call it into the pharmacy. That might be better because you can find out if he wants to see you again.

If it's non-narcotic and is something you have been taking for a while, there shouldn't be a problem getting it refilled. But I don't know all the rules.

Bobbi 12/31/2017.

Depends on the medication. Call your doctors and see if they can refill over the phone. They may require you to come in again but they may not.

Ricki 12/31/2017.

Yes, you need to go back to your doctor.

Stephen 12/31/2017.

Go back to your doctor

babygirl 12/31/2017.

usually you can just call your doctor and get refills authorized