Can i compliment (I like your hair) a person of colors hair?

Dr. Harleen Quinzel 12/31/2017. 7 answers
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I myself have very kinky curly dark hair but i am white. When i was younger i had complimented a girl saying "i love your hair" her friend started hysterically laughing yelling "its a weave" and the other girl rolled her eyes and gave a mean "thanks" and both walked away. Did i do...

7 Answers

Anonymous 01/02/2018.

If your white then theyll get offended...whites aren’t supposed to be attracted to blacks

rotnkiley 01/02/2018.

Maybe she was not offended at you but the friend that blurted out its a weave...because she probably paid a lot of money for that weave to look real and natural unfortunately, the friend opened her fat mouth...You did nothing wrong. If anything she can't be mad at her friend so she took it out on you. Weave or not if someone has nice hair they do it to get noticed and to look nice. If you didn't want compliments then why would you go out and get your hair done or even brush it at all? If hair wasn't important people would just roll out of bed and go. So obviously if her hair is nice she is looking to please society and be easy on everyone's eyes...I just don't think it should matter what nationality you are if you have nice hair you have nice hair...if a white American bleaches their hair and you like it she has added something unnatural to herself to achieve a certain look so same as a weave it has been added to achieve a certain look...

Wrath Of The Centrist 01/01/2018.

free speech

Biker 01/01/2018.

I'm white I have strait kinda wavy brown hair with some blonde so I don't think I can help ya with the fluffy hair thing.

Foofa 01/01/2018.

Touching anyone's hair without permission is rude regardless of that person's racial identity.

Alex 12/31/2017.

1. You can compliment someone's hair. Actually, you can say whatever you want, thankfully, which is why we have the freedom of speech here in the USA, a right that many other countries don't have.

2. "People of color" is not a thing. Those people you have lumped all into that category come from all sorts of backgrounds, ethnicities, races, and they don't all have the same hair textures at all. In fact, most of the people you probably lumped into that category have no different hair texture than most white people.

3. Stop being so paranoid. If people are offended by you complimenting their hair, they are not the type of people you want to be surrounding yourself with anyways.

Let's say I'm Indian and I say that it's okay to compliment a "person of color's" hair, and you go and compliment a black person's hair just because they're also a "person of color." Does that make sense to you? That label is total bogus. It is an umbrella term CREATED to lump all non-white people together as if they were one and to create this fake identity that doesn't have anything to do with reality.

Even within a race, we are all individuals. Just because ONE person of ONE race says it's okay to compliment a person of the same race's hair doesn't mean everyone of that race agrees. We are ALL individuals with different opinions. This question is silly, sorry! But I hope I made sense.

"No one else will fully understand what your going through but some of us would like to learn."

Stop viewing people as victims by default. No one understands fully what ANYONE is going through, including WHITE PEOPLE.

Yaw Jian fong 12/31/2017.

If it looks nice, you can.