Do you drink your eggnog plain or add something to it?

Sharon S 12/31/2017. 16 answers
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16 Answers

❤ cat™ ❤ 12/29/2017.

Eggnog with a little rum makes it taste better.

kelly s 01/06/2018.

a shot of good brandy. or is that a good shot of brandy

Anonymous 01/05/2018.

Plain and wish it wasn't so expensive !

I have trouble keeping my weight up, but a half-gallon of eggnog a day around the holidays really helps.

Gabed 12/29/2017.

flavoring or "flavoring"?

Art 12/29/2017.

I drink it plain, to me shots of rum is plain a little fresh (I emphasize fresh) ground nutmeg helps it along as well.

ckngbbbls 12/29/2017.

plain. I cannot drink alcohol due to stomach issues...I would love a dash of rum in my nog.

katiya 12/29/2017.

I add fresh grated nutmeg if I have it, maybe a dash of cinnamon.

Summer 12/29/2017.

I like peppermint eggnog

sats 12/29/2017.

Nutmeg sprinkled on the top.

CB 12/29/2017.

Lots and lots of whiskey.

S 01/05/2018.

I add milk to it I do not like how thick it is.

Elroy Jetson 01/05/2018.

I like to drink it very cold, almost frozen, straight from the Mayfield's Dairy carton in the fridge. No additives.

Anonymous 01/05/2018.

Yes, I add a bit of rum to it.

johnny 01/05/2018.

Plain it's so good

Mike 12/29/2017.

I like to add cinnamon.

Spike 12/29/2017.

I add some Jim Beam fireball. It’s f*cking deliciousness.