Does my post office know what’s in my package?

hhh 12/31/2017. 4 answers
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I bought somthing on eBay and had it shipped to my house but it’s said there was somthing wrong with the adress so I think it’s still at the post office, if I go in there could I get the package and would they know what’s in it.

4 Answers

Pearl L 12/17/2017.

i dont think they would know whats in a package unless someone sent something illegal in it

Susie 12/17/2017.

If you or the sender are under investigation or the package is deemed suspicious, they have the right to inspect it.

Be an Angel 12/17/2017.

I think they will not know what is in it.

Rodney 12/17/2017.

They should put it trough a X-ray,