I took many videos on a recent trip. I moved some of the videos to a USB drive designed for iPhones. Most of the videos won’t play now. Help?

El Will 12/31/2017. 4 answers
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Most of the videos can’t play on my computer nor in my iPhone. The media players in my computer display an error message when I try to play them. Is the issue fixable in any way? Who or what would be able to fix them? I really don’t want to lose those videos.

I tried to upload a picture of my USB drive designed...

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lee26loo,異域秦後人 12/16/2017.

The USB device failed or it is a counterfeit 256GB USB produce came from China cheater, because I owned one a few years ago, it has 500GB and I paid high price for it . This counterfeit USB is made from a 2GB USB but contains a small software to fool any device to assume it has 500GB ( or like your 256GB). As I used it to store data, it showed able to store many many GB, but when I played it back, only 1.7GB data was able to recall.

Yours could be worst , chance to recover the videos are slum.

khalil 12/16/2017.

what are their format?

tvs usually play the mp4 format ...

you may change the formats with a converter on your pc ...

SSP Bowl Dude 12/16/2017.

You probably got a fake capacity drive. It's likely a 4 or 8gb drive with a tweak that fools your phone and computer into thinking it's a large capacity. Reputable ones from SanDisk and PNY run $250, not $28.

Be an Angel 12/16/2017.

Apple has something called genius bar at some cities, perhaps they can rescue your data.