What states are the suburbs of New York City located in?

Travis 12/31/2017. 12 answers
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A.J. 12/31/2017.

Suburban New York City would include the commuters to work.

Besides the 5 boroughs of NYC of Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens, also in New York State is Nassau County to the east on Long Island, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and even some from Dutchess County with Poughkeepsie as about an hour or so by train.

The state of Connecticut borders to the northeast and trains do run there to New York City from southern Connecticut.

New Jersey is to the west of NYC, and many people live in northeastern New Jersey and commute to NYC.

The suburbs of New York City include areas in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, sometimes advertised as the tri-state.

Abraham 01/02/2018.

There's the southern Connecticut suburbs like Greenwich and Stamford, there's the upstate suburbs like Rye and New Rochelle, then there's Nassau county long island, then there's suburbs in New Jersey across the George Washington Bridge and Lincoln Tunnel

Louise 12/31/2017.

Mostly New York State

tham153 12/31/2017.


Siddhartha 12/31/2017.

New York State.

StephenWeinstein 12/31/2017.

New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut

Gypsyfish 12/31/2017.

Some people don't understand what a suburb is. Yes, people commute in from Connecticut and New Jersey, as well as places in New York, like Long Island.

Bob 12/31/2017.

New York --- DOH

Lou C. Ferr 12/31/2017.

NY only. Another State is NOT a suburb.

Anonymous 12/31/2017.

New York is the name of the state.

Mamianka 12/31/2017.

They are real estate developers who take ads saying that a 2-hour commute to PA is a suburb. This is a stretch, frankly. They rationalize by saying that if you are stuck in traffic for 2 hours, you might as well be driving to your beautiful new home in the country. This is from the old "drive until you qualify" saying - instead of paying a fortune to live in the city near work, you are willing to drive a long commute so you can get the house you want.

Remy 12/31/2017.

New york state