Should I fix my laptop or just buy a new one?

Anthony 12/31/2017. 5 answers
Computers & Internet Hardware

I bought my hp envy 3 years ago for about $700, maybe a little less because it was black friday. At one point the bottom casing of the laptop lost a screw on the top left side which made the bottom case separate from the keyboard portion of the laptop. With this it also led to the hinges of the laptop being broken...

5 Answers

ari 12/31/2017.

There are several of these laptops on eBay right now within the $250 range they're still good laptops you may want to consider buying another one and trading out the hard drive if you have amassed a lot of data over the years

pkmaster99 12/31/2017.

The damage on it seems to be too much. Fixing it would probably cost you few hundred as some parts are most likely to be damaged to the point a new one may be needed. Your laptop is also 3 years old, even if you fix it, it is already an old pc. I would just spend the money on a brand new one instead.

Emsj9 12/31/2017.

Buy a new it's far more cheaper to buy a brand new laptop By the time you pay for the replacement parts and the person who fixes it for you '' the labor'' it's gonna be at lest half the price of a brand new laptop in some cases depending on your requirement parts for the machine EVEN more than a new laptop

i've had a few laptops in my time at least some of them have broken i've taken them to shops to be fixed cost and arm and a leg it would of been cheaper for me to get a new one i buy new every time now

ALSO if you do get a new one take out insurance ! that way if your new machine breaks in future you dont have to shed out to get it fixed

James 12/31/2017.

I am pretty certain it will cost less to get your laptop fixed than it would to buy a new one at the same performance rate.

Pearl L 12/31/2017.

maybe you should get a new one, that one sounds like its broken