What s wrong with my dogs ear?

Dejia 12/07/2017. 5 answers
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He has a dark colored gunk all through out his ear that s slightly wet. It s the consistency of ear wax but much darker, like a dark brown. It makes his ear smell different and it s only on one side. It also make him very itchy hat that ear only and he s starting to form scabs from itching so much. I d take him to...

5 Answers

Lorraine 12/07/2017.

He has an ear infection and you HAVE to get him to the vet or give him up.

Let's put it this way. If you don't clear an ear infection when it first takes hold and this certainly has taken hold if it is that bad, what happens is that the ear canal narrows as it swells and causes the bacteria in the ear to grow more quickly making the condition worse. If the ear isn't treated quickly the ear canal does not go back to normal and remains narrow causing more and more ear infections through the dogs life and costing you even more money.

If this happens your dog ends up with months of antibiotics which cost a lot of money or even an aural resection which is a very very painful operation to open the ear canals wider or an ear ablation where they take out the whole inner ear and sew it up... VERY expensive.

Are you getting the point here... the cheaper option is for you to get to a vet NOW instead of paying out thousands in the future.

Verulam 12/07/2017.

When you have a pet, you have a responsibility to get veterinary treatment when needed, and in this case, it's needed! Whatever is going on has to be professionally diagnosed, so it's treated with the RIGHT MEDICATION. If you put anything down the ear that's not going to cure the problem, you'll just make a nice breeding ground in there for more bacteria to flourish, or for the mites, if that's the problem, to survive.

If this becomes chronic, it will cost more to cure, and inner ear infections can affect balance and worse.

Beg, borrow but don't steal, money to get your dog treated. ASAP

Sandra D 12/07/2017.

Sorry, he has an ear infection, and you do need to go to the vet to get an antibiotic. Call them and tell them you're broke, but he almost certainly has an ear infection, because he has bad smelling build up in one ear that is causing discomfort and itching, and maybe they'll work out a payment plan or even do a prescription over the phone. It shouldn't be that expensive though if you tell them your broke and you don't want a full check up, just the ear looked at.

If you absolutely won't go to the vet, Zymox makes a good heavy duty thing for ear infections, but it probably won't work, but it might possibly be better than nothing.

Sukrit 12/07/2017.

Pray for him. Just clean it with water for cleaning wounds and clean cloth.

IDontClaimToBeAnyoneSpecial 12/07/2017.

Sounds like it's infected. I suggest you borrow money from your bank and make monthly repayments to pay it back so you can go and take the dog to the vet, if money is such a problem.

Or if you want to chance it, gain some knowledge on his problem and look up cleansing methods online.