I'm starting to hate my dog cause he pees in the house?

Anonymous 12/07/2017. 5 answers
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This is after he's been clean for 6 months. He is well fed, walked daily, this dog literally couldn't ask for a better life but I'm starting to really hate the mess he is causing me. I'm really sure it's just because he doesn't like the cold outside and he is simply choosing to pee inside...

5 Answers

Sandra D 12/07/2017.

Use wee wee pads! Easy clean up, safe and sanitary! You just have to train him to use them.

Don't blame him, he isn't trying to upset you.

He could have a bladder infection too, so see a vet first.

IDontClaimToBeAnyoneSpecial 12/07/2017.

I doubt it's because he doesn't like the cold. That would be a wimp, not a dog. If it's still a pup this could result in some explanation as to why he is doing this.

You don't mention how long you have had this dog, it could be nerves resulting in this, or it could be is lacking in the training department.

Use your head, make a logical decisions upon you and the dogs circumstances and work a way around it.

You can also train your dog physically and mentally to become strong. Which would be beneficial if there ever was to be a winter apocalypse so to speak.

Star_of_Darkness 12/07/2017.

Then surrender the dog. You've been to lazy to do something as simple to house break the dog so you hate it when its YOUR fault the dog pees the house

Never have kids

Janacht 12/07/2017.

Contact and ask your vet for advice

J 12/07/2017.

Go to dog training classes