Why am I the only person being threatened with a lawsuit for a debt when there was 2 other people on the same lease?

Anonymous 12/07/2017. 15 answers
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I am the only one getting phone calls non-stop, mail sent to my relatives house, emails, etc for a debt on an apartment that was in my mom and her husbands name. I was a teen in college and I had to sign because I was 18, in college with no job at the time the lease was signed. My mom and her husband made all the...

15 Answers

Stan 12/09/2017.

To get a judgment, they have to take you to court. They can say whatever they want. If they do sue you, then get an attorney

Kathy 12/09/2017.

You hold the deed?

aquaman2964 12/09/2017.

Google FDCPA and know your rights! Google that collection agency and send them a CERTIFIED cease and desist letter. There are several good templates for c and d letters to be found on google as well. Don't let collectors scare you. They are nothing.

Gerry G 12/08/2017.

They do not need to go after all on the lease. They go where they think they will get the money. The rest is up to you.

G 12/08/2017.

if you are on the lease the landlord can sue jointly or separately. you would have to sue the others on the lease for their portion if the landlord sues you.

tro 12/07/2017.

your mom and her husband have probably been sent all the mail before you and are no longer able to be found so you as a co signer are the only one left they can find and submit the demands

Judy 12/07/2017.

Are you sure the others aren't getting calls too? Maybe the collection agency can't find them. Btw, collection agencies often lie a lot.

daniel g 12/07/2017.

They may not have current contact information other than with you.

Move, Change your phone number, they loose you too.

They would have to have a court order and your SS# to follow upon anything.

There are laws regarding harassment from collection agencies.

A bit like a barking dog, it won't bite if you don't give it the chance, Bluff may be a god word.

jimanddottaylor 12/07/2017.

In the game of poker, there is the bluff.

Never 12/07/2017.

Why were you on it again?

adriianna 12/12/2017.


Atlas 12/12/2017.

The letter that you recieved is from a debt collector. These guys are 3rd party agencies that bought your debt for pennies on the dollar from the original creditor. This seems to be an agressive collection attempt to make you validate your own debt, however they might have the legal right to sue and what not but its unlikely.

Jackboot 12/11/2017.

That’s for your lawyer to find out.

juno 12/10/2017.

So next time the debt collector calls to threaten you, explain what happened, give them your parents current phone numbers and addresses,and change your phone number the very next day. Make sure your number is both unlisted and non-published.

You're welcome

Hokaars 12/08/2017.

I would say: beware of a scam, wait it out until it goes away, you could barter with them and settle on a lower cost. It would be gone for ever then.