Can I eat twice at dennys?

Ashh. 12/07/2017. 5 answers
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5 Answers

Peter 12/12/2017.

Many people have surived eating twice at denny's.

Mike 12/10/2017.

there is NO LIMIT to the number of times you may eat at ANY of the Denny's restaurants in the USA, but each visit is a separate trip. If you have BOGO coupons, there must be two (or more) in your party to have the second meal deducted at the register. All such current coupons expire December 30, 2017, and it is unknown if Denny's intends to continue the BOGO or $ 5.00 off or 20 % off any amount coupons into the year 2018.

conley39 12/07/2017.

Certainly you can if you have the money

Ryan s 12/07/2017.

As long as you are paying for both meals

Roderick Matheson 12/07/2017.

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