Aussies do you like haughty English bastards who live in council housing slums with their mummy in their mid 30's?

Henry Lee Lucas 12/07/2017. 9 answers
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9 Answers

Guru Hank 12/07/2017.

There is something unhealthy about these posts, a bit like those sites full of middle aged men dressed as babies, or furry conventions. I get the feeling that the poster keeps stuff in jars about his house you wouldn't want to know about. Toenails or his dandruff.

Anonymous 12/07/2017.

Not when they are on Aussie welfair

The Aussie Battler 12/07/2017.

His claims ring as true as the claims of Old Bludger.

Eye Spy 12/07/2017.

He denies he lives in a Salford council flat, with his mummy and bludges on welfare-------but I have always had my suspicions of him being a curry muncher. He's obviously poorly educated and therefore a permanent welfare bludger. I laugh at his claims of being a high-flyer and living somewhere in the Middle-East----------in his dreams. If he was truly a Pom, he would know something about the game of cricket-------a sport foreign to him.

FaScEs 12/07/2017.

No free hand out for real workers, grubs get the free handout nowadays straight off the boat

JOHNH 12/07/2017.

I wouldn't call him a bastard, as he lives with his mummy, and his daddy is probably around somewhere,.

Actually his mummy may be in her mid 30s, as he has not reached puberty yet

Anonymous 12/07/2017.

I think like they're more in their mid 40s or mid 50s as no one in their mid 30s is that bitter or twisted. Me personally, I can't stand the twanker. On the other hand their fantasy persona of being a highly qualified expat who earns a salary in the high 6 figure range is hilarious!

Half Drawn Boy 12/07/2017.

Everything you say about me is incorrect and fabricated. I am not in the mid thirties, I do not live in a council house with my mother and I don't even live in the UK. Everything I am going to say about you is true, because these are words from your own mouth. You live alone in the Blue Mountains, the mother of your children doesn't want anything to do with you because you are a gambling alcoholic. You hardly ever get to see your children. You are claiming disability because you broke your ankle due to drunken idiocy. You brag about shagging prostitutes under bypasses. Life gave you lemons but instead of making lemonade, you squeezed them into your eyes.

The Honourable Sir Jack 12/07/2017.

not really, but its better than mussie ones