Do laptops not come with Microsoft word anymore?..?

For Dolo 12/07/2017. 6 answers
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So the last time I purchased a laptop was in 2011,My laptop recently got stolen so Im about to buy a new laptop it's going to be an HP laptop but I'm seeing all these things where they're selling Microsoft ofice for like $149. On my last laptop Microsoft Word was free on my laptop, do laptops now not...

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SilverTonguedDevil 12/07/2017.

"Do laptops not come with Microsoft word anymore?

Word is typically not available alone. It is part of Office.

Some computers do have Office installed at the factory, because the company that makes the computer pays Microsoft a fee to allow the company to install Office. If no fee is paid, no Office is installed.

My friend recently bought an Asus notebook that had Office pre-installed by Asus. This is becoming increasingly less common, because in years gone by, shops that sold computers would install Office illegally on all the computers they sold to boost sales. Nowadays, Microsoft has resorted to online verification ("phone home") technology to prevent pirated installs from working. You are pretty much stuck with paying, if the computer company is not picking up the tab. Somebody must pay Microsoft. They are not a charitable organization.


Master Of Puppets 12/07/2017.

MS Office was never free. Even if you didn't pay for it directly.

MS has 2 different kinds of versions of Office. They have the 365 version which is a subscription version. You pay for it monthly/yearly but you get the latest versions and cloud storage through their OneDrive.

If you don't want a subscription, you can buy the 2016 edition. You pay for it once and can use it on that computer for as long as you'd like. You don't get the version upgrades and cloud storage, though. But it may be more cost effective in the long run depending on how much you use it.

You could illegally obtain it, but we can't help you with that and it is very likely that you will get some sort of virus or malware. So it really isn't worth it.

If you don't want to pay for it, you can use their online only version at It works for the most part, but isn't meant to be a replacement for the full version.

Alternatively, you can use a free and open source equivalent called LibreOffice. It works pretty well and is mostly compatible with Office files. it isn't perfect, but it is a great alternative.

Ms Clones 12/07/2017.

If you want to get Word for free just go to piratebay and download it illegally. I did it on my Mac.

Jamin 12/07/2017.

I haven't seen a free copy of office... ever? They were always demos that expired after a few months and you had to pay to keep working.

If you want a good free alternate there's LibreOffice or OpenOffice.

Ricki 12/07/2017.

Not routinely. You can get free Office (like) software packages from the Internet.

DCM5150 12/07/2017.

Most laptops are not going to come with Word. The ones that I have seen and used come with like a 30 or 90 day trial. They really want to get you to sign up for the Office 365 stuff.

If you want to buy Office I recommend searching the internet / ebay for some really good deals compared to what MS wants you to pay (i.e. like all of Office 2016 Pro for under $50 - I think I paid like $35)