In honor of Finland's 100th independence day, what do you know about Finland?

Tonu 12/07/2017. 5 answers
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tonu 12/07/2017.

Finnish is Uralic language and sounds much different than any Romanic, Germanic or Slavic ones. 'Finland' is originally swedish name for this land. Most time Finland was part of Sweden, so other languages borrowed swedish name.

Grillparzer 12/07/2017.

I know where the country is located. (Admit it, that's good for an American.) I know Finns have a reputation in Europe for being standoffish. They will walk in to a sauna nude, but not talk to strangers. I know when they were invaded by Russia, they fought like the devil's own bastards. The Finns didn't give Russia a bloody nose, they kicked the bear in the balls. And I know the road to Helsinki is paved with good intentions. (A small joke, courtesy of Peter Ustinov.)

Anonymous 12/07/2017.

Before 1800, not so much. Under Swedish rule then under Russian rule until the Russian Revolution in 1917, which allowed them to become independent. From 1903-1930 over 300,000 Finns emigrated to the United States (my wife's great grandparents were among them). Finland was the northern cornerstone of NATO defense during the Cold War and the Helsinki Accords helped improve western relations with the Soviets. The Finns gave the Russkies a hell of a time during WWII. Payback for over a century of Russian rule. Their ski troops were the toughest in the world. Read and learn: [ Link ]

Dilbert 12/07/2017.


tonu 12/07/2017.

Finland is actually called Suomi in Finnish.