Am I the only person that thinks that excessive makeup looks disgusting?

Anonymous 12/07/2017. 10 answers
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10 Answers

the 12/07/2017.

Everyone has different opinions

no name 12/07/2017.

I do too

18 gibbs 20 12/07/2017.

I think it looks clownish.

question 12/07/2017.

I agree... actually I don't like women wearing any makeup at all.

Murzy 12/07/2017.

some will enhance the beauty but over kill is bad

Pearl L 12/07/2017.

i dont think so, i never wear makeup myself

Billy 12/07/2017.

Yes, the only person in the whole wide world. You're so special.

laughter_every_day 12/07/2017.

Of the 7 billion people in the world, I suspect that there is at least one who agrees with you.

Richard 12/07/2017.

No Jane, I feel the same way.

emu567550 12/07/2017.

No you are not, I do to.