Do people really have cockroaches in their homes?

KurtPlaneTrain 12/07/2017. 13 answers
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I live in Florida and like most of my neighbors an exterminator comes twice a month to spray some toxic chemicals to ensure no cockroaches (especially the palmetto bug, AKA satan’s son) enters my house. However, I realized that I’ve never actually seen a cockroach in anyone’s home, not even the gross apartments of...

13 Answers

Spock (rhp) 12/07/2017.

oh, yes.

Anna E 12/07/2017.

YES, and often through no fault of their own. In Missouri palmetto bugs are not much of a problem BUT german cockroaches abound. I got to the point that I didn't want certain relatives in my home, because they lived in roach infested places and brought roaches in with their bags and luggage when spending the night. A rental property next door had a bad problem and every time the landlord sprayed, you could actually see them coming from that property if you were outside.

daniel g 12/07/2017.

Don't take this wrong, but people are poisoning their own living space over some harmless bugs.

When I went to work for the county as a bug expert,it was weed and pest control that meant a school for application and pesticides. What I learned is a lot of that stuff should never have been invented, it can be lethal.

I am also biased having watched my mother suffer emphysema for exposure to pesticides.

Now some few do have significant numbers of bugs in the home that constitute an infestation, Not a few, or even a hundred, but thousands. Those are cases where measures like pesticides may be needed. This should also be left to persons with training with application. Average persons overlook that pesticides kill everything, both good and bad, including pets.

No such thing as a 'safe' pesticide, if it can kill bugs, it simply is not healthy.

About the American cockroach AKA palmetto bug. They are totally harmless to humans and a scavenger. They eat things like molds and milldew, decaying vegetation and wood fiber. Soap scums and matter deep in corners of places like bathrooms and kitchens. A big overhype that they carry germs, that they can, but the germs and bacteria already in your home. Many people just don't favor the notion of sharing their home with bugs, that is OK, but such bugs as cockroaches, earwigs and woodlice are not such a bad critter unless you are being overrun with them.

Pest control companies cost and make a fortune selling poisons. Union Carbide alone produces over 1 million gallons of poisons every year, and a study of OTC products show they are not much effective with effects gone in 3 to 6 months,but the contamination remains as long as 15 years. Nature has been keeping insects in balance a hundred million years before man, you hear of ladybugs as beneficial, eating bugs that damage agriculture, one of hundreds of good bugs.

A house spider here and there is the best natural exterminator of pest bugs in your home and gardens.

No, I am not one of those environmental activist you hear about, but really, humans are poisoning themselves out of existence. You don't see any bugs, pointless to spend money just to poison your living space.

I keep bees, so pesticides are banned on my property, what few bugs I have are just no problem. Never have been.

Just some food for thought you might consider.

Murzy 12/07/2017.

It's apparent that you never lived in New York City or any large urban city

Pearl L 12/07/2017.

yes, they do, i grew up with them in nyc and ive seen worse, where i live now we've all had issues with bedbugs. i think id rather have the roaches

i love chocolate donuts 12/07/2017.

either you were not lookin' very hard … or you snorted too much crack … s'plenty of roaches in fl.

MIKE L 12/07/2017.

I use to bug spray all the time to keep them out

sats 12/07/2017.

Had neighbors once (the house next door) that the roaches were coming over to my house. I had to sprinkle stuff around that side of the house until they moved.

Anonymous 12/07/2017.

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Elaine M 12/07/2017.

Yes. They're generally nocturnal, unless you're opening a cupboard suddenly during the day you generally won't see them running for cover.

Remy 12/07/2017.


Donald 12/07/2017.

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Anonymous 12/07/2017.

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