POLL: big or small dogs?

Hannah 12/07/2017. 5 answers
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Do you prefer big dogs or little dogs? And Why?

I'll start... I love dogs of all sizes, but little ones have my heart. I've had both kinds, and as much as I love playing fetch at the park with my pitbull, I love having my little maltipoo cuddle up on my chest the most. Plus, she's compact... so easier...

5 Answers

Anonymous 12/07/2017.

Big dogs. I have had both and I have a small dog now which I am starting to hate as he is definitely the most dim, lazy, dirty dog we've ever had.. might just be him tho and not a reflection on smaller breeds. Never had any problem whatsoever with a larger dog, whether it be obedience, housetraining, character etc. I will never have a small dog ever again.. mine is also a maltipoo.

Anna E 12/07/2017.

I prefer small dogs. More cuddly and less mess. They also tend to live longer than the larger breeds, so you have them longer.

Pearl L 12/07/2017.

i like all dogs, i dont care if theyre big or small

Love my Newf 12/07/2017.

Giant dogs. I have a Newfoundland - gorgeous and sweet and super smart and 140 pounds.

I would like to get a smaller dog once I buy a house, though. I really love the look of Pekingeses or Havanese and my dog loves smaller dogs like that.

Laura 12/07/2017.

Big dogs. Anything smaller than a beagle is just a yappy mess.