Is Gamefly free trial free?

Jennifer 12/07/2017. 3 answers
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I read there's a charge to authorize your credit card, but I've read some reviews that they were actually charged. So I just wanna know before I apply for the free trial. Is the charge going away?

3 Answers

llaffer 12/15/2017.

It has been years since I did my trial, but they will ask for a credit card to be used at the end of the trial if you don't cancel before then.

They may do a small authorization amount ($1 or so) to verify that your credit card information is good, but they won't finalize the purchase and that $1 will be returned to your available credit in a few days (that's your bank's policy that determines the length of time a non-completed authorization lasts on your account).

Then if you don't end the subscription before the free trial ends, then you'll be charged for a full month and you will have the subscription for 30 days from that point.

jason 12/15/2017.

they do 1 dollar charge to verfy your cc

and you get that back 3 to 7 working days

Troy 12/15/2017.

No, there is always a hidden feeling somewhere