How could anyone disagree with Rep. Al Green's articles of impeachment against Trump?

Anonymous 12/07/2017. 12 answers
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Rep. Al Green (D): "Donald John Trump, by causing such harm to the society of the United States is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office."

—Trump impeachment vote fails overwhelmingly

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12 Answers

Spock (rhp) 12/07/2017.

"harm to society" is not within the Constitutional scope of impeachable offenses. It is entirely subjective. Al Green -- throw da bum out on his ****!

Nick 12/07/2017.

Green never has provided solid reasoning why Trump should be impeached. My guess is because he thinks Trump is a racist. That's not grounds for impeachment. Green needs to start acting like an adult.

Sam 12/07/2017.

Obama has done way more dangerous things then Trump ever will do !!!!!

MIKE L 12/07/2017.

Al Green wanted to impeach Trump for calling cowboy hat lady wacko . She is a wacko and Maxine Waters and him are leaders of the wackos .

Green is insane

Jeffrey 12/07/2017.

Those are not Constitutional grounds for impeachment.

Anonymous 12/07/2017.

Rep. Al Green should stop fooling around, or he might find himself facing a lynch mob someday.

billy 12/07/2017.

He still humiliated over all that big talk he and others did ''Hillary will win by a landslide Hillary may even take Texas The republican are finished'' but look at the bright side we Republican never enjoy anything this much with our clothes on

Shilo 12/07/2017.

They would rather wait for the Mueller team to finish their job.

rick29148 12/07/2017.

apparently it wasn't very hard to ................................

Unseen 12/07/2017.

It's BS. Trump will not be impeached.

martin 12/07/2017.

If Trump does something that shocks America, he'll be impeached.

Mr Pottimus 12/07/2017.

That poor man should try to smile, there is something seriously wrong with him...